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Home Remedy for Parvo

By isak, June 21, 2009

Canine Parvovirus (“parvo”) attacks rapidly reproducing cells — such as those that line the gastrointestinal tract, bone marrow, lymph nodes and heart.

Parvo is highly contagious and is transmitted from dog to dog via contaminated droplets and feces. It can be carried on the dog’s hair and feet, as well as on contaminated cages, shoes and other objects. Dogs of all ages can be affected, but the highest rate of death occurs in puppies less than five months of age.

Dogs that develop parvo will show symptoms 3-10 days after being exposed. Symptoms include: vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea (usually bloody), and fever.

The biggest needs in parvo treatment are fluid and electrolyte replacement so the dog stays hydrated, and medication to control diarrhea and vomiting. Diarrhea and vomiting can quickly dehydrate a dog.


1. Diarrhea Syndrome (Enteritis)
After an incubation period of 7-14 days, the first signs of parvo are severe depression with loss of appetite, followed by vomiting. The dog will appear to be in extreme pain with a tucked-up abdomen. Within 24-hours, a high fever develops (up to 106 degrees F) and profuse diarrhea that is frequently bloody. Mouth inflammation can also occur. Almost no other canine disease exhibits these symptoms.

2. Cardiac Syndrome (Myocarditis)
This form of canine parvo affects the heart muscle, especially in puppies less than 3 months of age. Puppies with this form stop nursing, cry out and gasp for air. Death can occur suddenly or in a few days. Puppies that recover will sometimes develop a chronic form of congestive heart failure that leads to death in weeks or months.

The success of treatment for parvo depends on the form and the severity of the CPV infection as well as the age of the dog. In puppies that are between 6- and 20-weeks of age, there is a 1-4 week interval when they are most vulnerable despite being vaccinated. This is because the maternal antibodies they received through their mother’s milk are declining and therefore no longer protective but still interfere with the vaccine.

Dogs that recover from parvo are immune to the disease.
To follow is a home remedy I stumbled on for treating canine parvo on the internet and wanted to reprint it in case anyone may need it. It addresses the biggest needs in a treatment: fluid and electrolyte replacement, and medication to control diarrhea and vomiting.

This is an extremely hardy virus. It resists most household cleaners. The best disinfectant is Clorox (one part bleach to 30 parts water).

My puppy had Parvo, he was only 8 weeks old, and just a few pounds. I took him to the vet and realized that it would be anywhere from 600-1500 dollars to cure him, even then he may not survive. So I looked up puppy parvo on for any alternatives, I found many things that people had tried, and they said it worked, so I chose the raw eggs, children’s Pedialite, and children’s pepto method. What you will need is the following;

* Eggs (enough to last several days)
* Children’s Pepto
* Instant rice
* Hamburger
* Children’s Pedialite (or Gatorade will work also)
* A Syringe for feeding
* You might also want to get puppy training pads or newspaper

First take your dog and place him in a sterile dog cage, with the puppy pad or news paper covering the bottom because there will be lots of throw up and lots of diarrhea. Then sterilize your whole home. I used a spray found in the pet area of WalMart, its called “Odo Ban.” It also smells really good. Then used bleach [1 part bleach to 30 parts water] on all hard floors and dog cage. After everything is clean, DO NOT let your puppy out of his/her cage until he is completely healed.

Then I took a raw egg and blended it with a fork and put it in the Syringe and force fed him. I gave him 2 tablespoons of egg and 1 tablespoon of Pedialite every 4 hours for 3 days. I also gave him the children’s pill form of Pepto 3 times a day. I cut the pill in half and put it at the back of his throat. The serving size for your puppy may be greater depending on his size. I did this for about 3 days and until he was a lot more play full, and until his diarrhea was gone. (I also changed his pad every time he went potty and sterilized his cage every time to keep the parvo contained.)

After the 3 days was up I boiled instant rice and ground up hamburger and fed him 1/4 of a cup every four hours. (try this one time and wait to see if he can hold down the solid food. If its thrown back up, go back to eggs and pedielite for 2 more days. Then try it again.) After the first day of giving them the rice (and the puppy kept it down), try soft dog food the next day. If they keep that down, then you’re good to go, give them a sterile bath and they are now free to run around and play.

Why this works
This method works because puppy’s die from being dehydrated, not from the sickness itself, the key is keeping them from throwing up and healthy while the sickness goes away. They need lots of electrolytes. The Raw eggs for Nutrition, and pepto to keep there tummy’s calm. It worked for my little boy, and I hope it works for you. He is now the happiest little thing. Don’t forget to follow up with another vet visit to make sure all is well. Keep them in the house and off the outside ground for at least a week more just so you wont spread the sickness to any other dogs. Good luck i hope this helps you :) Jessica F.

P.S. My puppy is about 3 pounds, so there might me a slight change in feeding, Be sure not to over feed, were not trying to make them full, just enough to keep them alive.

Tip Source: Thrifty Fun website.


A reader sent a tip suggesting that Tamiflu can be used to treat Parvo. From what I read, she is correct. Here’s more info about using Tamiflu to treat Parvo.


If you read through the comments below, you will see a testimonial from Angelica about a product she bought and used on her chihuahua/dachshund mix. And it worked for her! It’s called Parv-gone. I am not familiar with this product. If you are, let us know how it worked for you.

Note: Also read through the comments below. Many people have kindly shared what has worked for them.


  1. mckaila says:

    also the guy I got her from was so rude and really sketchy I wasant going to buy her but I felt so bad she didn’t deserve to be living how she was

    • isak says:

      What color is her diarrhea? Could it be from worms? She is not throwing up her food (that’s a good sign)?

      Parvo is especially hard and fast-acting on puppies. It can kill them quickly, so you need to be aware of that. It is a serious health issue. The diarrhea and vomiting dehydrates them, so you want to make sure you hydrate them. Many vets will work with you if you want to try to handle this from home. They can provide meds to reduce the vomiting and diarrhea. Because your dog is a puppy, I suggest you ask a vet for some help. You saved her once. You need to stick by it.

  2. mckaila says:

    hi I just got a puppy on this past Saturday and she has been showing signs of parvo she still ate last night and she has been drinking but she’s been coughing up water and has constant dirahea I think this is the early stages so I need to make sure this works becuaee I have absolutely no money for 900 dollar vet bill but it’s not fair to my puppy she’s a German Shepard by the way I just need help!!!!!!! ASAPPPPPPP

  3. Ashley says:

    Hello. I just bought a 8 week old red nose pitbull. He has been having diarrhea all day and its a dark black color and stinks really bad. Called the owner and he said he had found 2 died that had been acting fine just that morning. The rest of the puppies are with the mom and dad and the rest of the puppies are having the dark poops. He had also wormed them all this morning before I got mine and suggested it might be the worm medicine making their poop black. I also gave my puppy his first set of shots which include the parvo vaccine.

    I’m concerned about if it is parvo or something else seeing as I have another inside dog and 3 outside. He has eaten some but not a lot of dog food and has drank some. He did eat the steak my husband gave to him from our left overs. He also seems very playful if that helps any. Could it be the first signs of parvo? Thank you for your time.

    • isak says:

      It’s hard to say, but given what has happened to some of his litter mates, I would be very concerned. It sounds like parvo. There is typically an incubation period of 3 to 10 days between initial infection and onset of first symptoms. The shots you gave your puppy may not work if he was exposed prior to the vaccination. Parvo is especially hard on puppies and affects them quickly, so I suggest you have your vet check him out and set you up for treatment.

      As parvo is very contagious, keep your puppy away from your other dogs. And because you have another inside dog, clean your house as described in this post. Don’t forget to clean outside as well to protect your outside dogs, too.

  4. sampson says:

    I had purchased a40 days old German shepherd pupy
    After 1day my pupy started showing various bad signs like vomiting , diarrhoea , no food and all .! I was not aware of Parvo at that time .!
    And I took my pup to vet and spent lot of money until his last breath .!
    Now he is no more I m still missing him .!

    • isak says:

      I am so sorry. He was certainly lucky to have you with him through it all. They sure do leave a big hole in our hearts without ever saying a word.

      Big hugs to you and thanks for being there for him and with him.

  5. Theresa says:

    I have a 1 1/2 year old pit mix. Over all very good health, energetic, playful, and full of love. I switched his and my other 2 dogs food. Same brand, different flavor. noticed right around that time, his appetite changed. He would eat some, but not clean his bowl like he normally would. then he slowly started eating less, this lasted three days. just thought it was the change of food, did not think anything of it. Then noticed, he was a little more lazy than normal, would dill get up and walk around, go outside to go potty etc but more lazy. Went to bed one night, woke up to dark diarrhea all over my white dinning room carpet, and green and yellow vomit on my white carpet in my living room and on my couch. Was not sure why he was sick and didn’t know what to do. Gave him some water, and try to make sure he drank enough to kind of rinse him out and coat him. Cleaned up the diarrhea and vomit but put him outside as i was cleaning with chemicals that i did not want him around. When i went outside, he had crawled inside of a dog kennel on his own, and was just laying there. He was alert to the fact that I came outside and was there, tried to give him food, more water, nothing. He loves squirt bottles so when I tried that, he drank that, then i noticed a puddle of blood in the yard, Took him straight to an emergency animal hospital. Tested positive for parvo. Kept him over night, high fever, dehydrated etc. kept him on iv’s and antibiotics and nausea meds. Took him to another animal hospital due to first one closing for the day. He has been at second hospital for 2 days so far. Still the iv’s, and trying to get him to eat. Nothing is working to make him eat. They have him hydrated, and are maintaining the hydration but said they cannot let him go til he eats. NOW I have a ten month old puppy who is not eating, and not drinking, and laying around. I disinfected the best i could with bleach from the other sick dog, and put the puppy in a kennel in a main room so she could still see us. But I don’t want her roaming the house sick, I need to keep her confined. Still will not eat for me, but I have put some Gatorade in a syringe for her and shot it into her mouth, she did swallow it and I will be going to get pedialyte for her as well hoping that will help with the dehydration?? Now read on here about the raw eggs. Does this really work?? It will not hurt the puppy? As i know raw eggs are not good for anyone. I need help. The other dog is costing so much financially that i cannot afford to hospitalize this one too. So i want to try to treat her at home. From my understanding she cannot get to parvo shot while she has signs of parvo. And the parvo itself will not kill her the lack of nutrients and dehydration will. Please help. I do not want to loose her, and my kids are upset. any suggestions are welcome please!! thank you

    • isak says:

      There is typically an incubation period of 3 to 10 days between initial infection and onset of first symptoms, so she had the virus before she showed signs of it. Hydration is the biggest issue because vomiting and diarrhea will quickly deplete her hydration levels. So give her liquids often and regularly — even throughout the night.

      Read through the comments on here, too, as people have been so kind as to share what they have tried and what has worked for them. Find something she likes. Baby food often works and can be force-fed if need be. Yes, she will be okay with the eggs if she can keep it down.

  6. Melinda says:

    Sad to say my puppy has passed.?

    • isak says:

      I am so sorry for your loss.

      Should you decide to bring another puppy into your home, please be sure you scrub down the whole house and the yard as parvo can survive on surfaces for several months.

  7. Melinda says:

    Hi, my puppy has been sick for the past 3 days, im assuming its parvo, he has all the symptoms. Loss of appetite, vomiting,diarrhea,& white gums. We just lost one of our puppies last Thursday and she had all the same symptoms. I came upon this website today and read about the raw eggs, pedialite, and peptobismol and started on that right away. He seems to be more alert than what he was earlier today, his gums now have a small amount of pink and has been able to hold down his vomiting,but the dark diarrhea is still continuing. I have not yet looked into taking him to the vet as i know it can be very expensive and with my kids going back to school it just was not going to happen. I have been able to keep him from losing an excessive amount of weight by giving him chicken broth and water the past 2 days. He did get up awhile ago to drink water then went and laid back down. Am i doing everything right? I sure hope so because i have gotten so attached to him. Any other tips would be helpful. Thank you!

  8. Gabriela says:

    I have a 13 weeks old labrador puppy. He got his last set of shots on Saturday. And Yesterday after a walk around the block… he started vomiting and stop eating and drinking right awake. Today he didn’t wanted to eat and I took him to the vet… and they told us he has Parvo ??? it’s pretty spensive the treatment… my kids and crying so we decided to leave him there and we are hoping he gets better… we do t want to loose him. Now what should I do at home that can help him.? Please help !!!

    • isak says:

      Clean the house as mentioned in this post to ready the house for his return. When he gets home, you can follow suggestions on this page — be sure to read through the comments to see what other people have done that has helped them. Many people have added their stories.

  9. Leigh says:

    Our Gus is a 3 month old blue/colby pit mixed puppy has been housed at a friends until my brother can move into his duplex. They dropped her off today because he hadn’t eaten in three days, lost much weight, and kept vomiting. The cost of an emergency vet was a bit pricey and unaffordable. As the hours went by Gus started getting weaker and weaker to the point where he became unresponsive to us. He was throwing up everything we gave him. He just laid there barely breathing and would not move. We thought for sure we’d lose him before the night was over. Out of despair, I ran to the internet to Google a home remedy for Parvo and came across this site. We first gave him the egg, followed by some Pedialyte. We haven’t given him the Children’s Pepto just yet though. to our surprise, we looked out on the balcony to find him standing up. He apparently walked to the water bowl and started drinking. This is a Huge improvement. We were so ready to have him put down to keep him from suffering. There is hope! He’s alert, responsive, and drinking and holding down fluids. Thanks!

  10. tonya says:

    I’m sorry. She hasn’t been wormed yet

    • isak says:

      Given her age, maybe she ate something that doesn’t agree with her. Or maybe she has worms and they are upsetting her stomach. You won’t always see them in her stools and most puppies have worms.

      Keep an eye on her to see if she develops diarrhea. If not, worm her and go from there. If it’s parvo, keeping her hydrated is the most important thing because diarrhea depletes hydration.

      Best to you both!

  11. tonya says:

    I have a 6 week old CHIHUAHUA/rat terrier. She just started throwing up. No diarrhea. Gums are pink. Hasn’t been worked yet. Isn’t wanting to eat. Started giving her powerrade. She threw it up. I waited then gave her some more. What do I need to do. The vet wants 250 a day.

  12. Misty Myers says:

    I just lost one of my 10 month old pups today, she had the parvo virus and was only sick for 24 hours, no symptoms before this.

    • isak says:

      I am so sorry for your loss. How sad.

      It’s very contagious, so watch your other pups. Dogs that develop parvo will show symptoms 3-10 days after being exposed.

      Best to you.

  13. Carol says:

    Trying this now Isaak… Praying it works.

  14. daniel says:

    i am trying to figure out what may be happening, i have a 6 week to 7 week old blue pitbull, she looked extremely healthy when we got her,which today is the july 9 2015 and on the 4th she got sick and was puking through the day… the 5 she puked once at night and that was it for the puking… but the diarrhea has been a off and on since we got her…but what worries me the most is i came home today and to find that she had diarrhea again but it was extremely dark, almost would mistake it for black looking at it on the floor, but in a paper towel it was really dark brown.. no blood in it… she has been drinking water, eating has slowed down a bit.. but seems to be losing weight, which also concerns me… she still plays and moves around but kinda seems sluggish… if any ideas please let me know as soon as you can, for sure i will be taking her in to the vet in a couple days but i cant right now do to no money, but i am willing to do anything to help her out until i can get her in to be seen… thanks

    • isak says:

      Dark stools like you are seeing are bloody stools which generally indicates a problem in her digestive tract. Given her age, perhaps she has worms? They are quite common in puppies and can cause stomach upset, diarrhea and loss of appetite. For the diarrhea, try giving her some plain canned pumpkin and/or sprinkle powdered acidophyllus over her food. Make sure the pumpkin does not have any spices in it. You want the plain kind. Acidophyllus puts good bacteria into her stomach and can be purchased in almost any store that carries vitamins. It comes in capsules that you can pull apart to sprinkle on her food.

      Talk to your vet about a good wormer to cover the various worms a dog can get. There is more than one kind — roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms. Once wormed, you can follow up by regularly sprinkling food grade diatomaceous earth on her food. This will keep her digestive tract clean of worms. Make sure it is FOOD GRADE.

  15. Tisha says:

    Parvaid (Paxxin), Clavamox, Flagyl,Cerenia and Tamiflu are the ingredients used to keep your puppies and adults going. I have had great success with these with 3 litters 6 weeks,5 wks and 4 wks. You have to be on top of this virus for 48-72 hours every hour with babies or you could have disastrous results. if you seek help from a veterinarian who is unwilling to give you what you need for home go to another one, this can be done at home! A modified parvo shot will not induce the virus, so if they are 6 weeks and older and have been exposed with no symptoms get the shot! It takes the shot 10-14 days to activate but will assist your babies to not contract the virus by the end of the incubation period. The Tamiflu does not get rid of the virus but it does prohibit the virus from replicating and spreading through their body. Clavamox/Penicillin will work to keep the other infections caused by this virus from transpiring. Also, deworming them during this time is a must as worms can exacerbate the virus, Nemex is the best one! Pedialyte is the only recommended electrolyte replacer as gatorade and powerade have a higher sugar content.
    Best of luck to all who have to deal with this virus!

  16. jade collins says:

    She hasn’t had her shots yet either.

  17. jade collins says:

    My mini pincher is 2 and a half months old and ever since Sunday she hasn’t been acting herself. She has been throwing up a lot. We gave her some water and she drank it but seconds later she got sick again. She gets every time. My mom and I are trying everything we can. What home remedies can we use? She’s in so much pain.

    • isak says:

      You need to try and find the source of the problem because it could be one of several things. Has she been wormed? Given her age, has she eaten something you are not aware of that is either blocking her digestive tract (like a piece of a toy or cloth or dog chew) or causing her stomach upset? Does she have anything stuck in her throat?

      Is she eating?

      To the best of your ability, you want to try to determine a source. If it is still happening and has been since Sunday, you should have your vet look at her. There could be something stuck somewhere in her digestive tract. This could have serious effects on her.

      Here is some more info on canine vomiting and how/if to treat at home.

  18. ashley says:

    My 6 week border collie boxer mix is spunky but since about yesterday last night she wasn’t acting her self she hasn’t had shots but she started vomiting and has had diarrhe so I’m going to try the treatment above Iim not sure how much she ways so I don’t know how much pesto to give her please respond soon

  19. Patty Valenzuela says:

    I HAVE A 6week chihuahua I believe has parvo she has had diareah for three days no vomiting when sold to me lady was feeding can pup milk , I started giving her pedialyte asap and also pup milk do I keep giving the milk or stop that? She does take in when I feed her the milk n no vomiting just diareah she is very week still what do u think I should do?

    • isak says:

      Milk can work as a laxative on dogs, so it may be good to stop the milk for now. You might give her some plain yogurt or some powdered acidophylus (can be bought in capsules) to put some good bacteria in her gut.

  20. Amber says:

    I have a 10 week old redbone coonhound. when we got her a week ago the guy we got her from said she had her first round of shots and wasn’t due for another 3 weeks. I think he lied because she was very skinny when we got her and with all efforts, has not gained any weight. She seemed fine 2 days ago, and slightly weak I went to go let her out of her kennel and she looked like a bag of bones and could hardly stand up. Also present was the loose stool with mass amounts of blood.i gave her a bath and wrapped her in a blanket and started giving her pepto, and diluted Gatorade. The inside of her mouth is completely white like she’s lost alot of blood. I’m debating on putting her out of her misery but I really don’t want to. Has anyone had a puppy get this bad this fast? And were you able to get them well? As of now, she barely moves at all. She lays in whatever position I put her in and barely picks up her head. Me and my young daughter are already attached to this dog and I absolutely cannot afford a $1,000+ vet bill at the moment and I don’t want to watch her suffer either.

    • isak says:

      The diarrhea and the blood in the diarrhea have probably made her anemic which is the white inside her mouth. Is she drinking water? Is she vomiting?

      The most important thing is getting her hydrated and addressing the diarrhea. Sounds like you are heading in the right direction. You should consult a vet who will work with you as you treat her at home. The vet can test for parvo — maybe it’s not parvo — and prescribe some meds to support and boost what you are doing.

      Any chance the guy you bought her from will tell you the name of the vet who gave her her shots? Or did he do it himself? Did he mention if he wormed her? He may not be truthful at any rate, so maybe it will be pointless to ask.

      They make a high-calorie paste that comes with various names. It comes in a tube like toothpaste and they sell it at pet supply stores (PetsMart, etc.) and even Walmart. If you google high calorie booster for dogs, you can see photos of what it looks like. You can mix that into some plain yogurt, then thin it if necessary with some plain pumpkin (not spices,etc.) and syringe that into her. It will provide her with needed calories, will add good bacteria back into her stomach and the pumpkin may help with the diarrhea.

      Our thoughts are with your baby. Please keep us posted.

  21. tita says:

    I have a 3 1/2 month old blue nose pitbull, he doesnt want to eat sometimes he plays but then he lays down looking weak he has diarrhea but it is not bloody at all he has fevers sometimes, how much pepto bismol should I give him to control his tummy aches?

    • isak says:

      Has he been wormed? If he has worms, they could be the reason he doesn’t eat sometimes or looks weak and has diarrhea. They may not always be present in his bowel movements, but it is not uncommon for puppies to have worms. Is he drinking water?

      Pepto Bismol dosage per the Franklin Vets is dosed by weight:
      10 lbs = 1/4 teaspoon every 4 to 6 hours
      20 lbs = 3/4 teaspoon every 4 to 6 hours
      40 lbs = 1 3/4 teaspoons every 4 to 6 hours

  22. Yazlynn says:

    Also do you mix the rice with the burger or give the dog 1/4 cup of each?
    Please respond quickly i dont want my dog to die????????

    • isak says:

      Sorry I did not get back to you more quickly. Mix the rice and hamburger. The rice kind of clogs up his system and slows the diarrhea.

      Keep us posted.

  23. Yazlynn says:

    I have a 8 week old GSD that has parvo and i took him to the vet and he gave us medicine for him. I want to do this because it seems like it will help, but i was wondering if i should give him the medicines and this treatment or just the treatment? Also i was wondering by hamburger do you mean a raw patty or and actual hamburger with buns.

    -thank you in response i

    • isak says:

      You didn’t mention what meds the vet gave you, but most things listed on here should be okay. You can check with your vet about any specific questions you have. The goal is to keep your dog hydrated and ease the nausea.

      Hamburger — the meat without the bun. You want to cook it and squeeze out — or even use paper towels to draw off — all the grease (because it could upset his stomach). At that point, it’s pretty bland but contains protein to keep his strength up.

      Good luck.

  24. emmy says:

    My 4 month old dog Axl was exposed three days ago to parvi I believe. My friend and I went to this ladies house to go kayaking I left him there in her kennel being I forgot mine. She has 10 4 week old puppies. My friend ending up buying one yesterday. 6 hours later the pup passed away with blood coming out from his hind. I noticed another before we left Wednesday having a hard time pooping when it did she pooped out liquidy blood with a terrible ordor. I’m positive the pups have parvo just not positive. Like I said its been three days. When can you first see symptom’s? I did give him a teaspoon of vinegar with a teaspoon if water also a teaspoon of colloidal silver water 10PPM.

    • isak says:

      Dogs that develop parvo will show symptoms 3-10 days after being exposed. Symptoms include: vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea (usually bloody), and fever.

      Surely that woman knew she had sick puppies! What was she thinking??? When is a bloody bowel movement okay? I hope your friend contacted her so she doesn’t keep selling sick pups. And WHY is she selling 4-week old puppies?

      Good luck. Maybe being kenneled away from the pups will be a saving grace for your baby. I hope so.

  25. Arla says:

    We rescued a stray dog months ago and she is showing signs of Parvo. She is sick for four days now but i keep her hydrated by giving Gatorade and Water 50/50. She is about 1 and 1/2 years old. This home remedy, will this possibly work on her? I really want to help her but the vet is pretty expensive.

    • isak says:

      You need to stick with it. The most important thing is to keep her hydrated. There are several options offered in the comments that have worked for people, so read through them, too and find the one that works the best for you. Don’t give up.

  26. Denise says:

    Our little louie is 8 weeks and 2 days old. He received his first shot and was given to a good friend for about 2 weeks. They couldnt keep him anymore because he was sad and depressed and had stopped eating so they brought him home saturday evening. He was so excited to see mama and the one puppy we were keeping (mooie)but we noticed he wasnt the fat little chuncker we sent to the friends, Then he hid. Sunday we noticed diarrhea and of course I just knew. We have now been battling vomiting and bloody diarrhea for 3 days, My 8 week old baby is still with us as of now, thanks to your site and tips, but his eyes are killing me :( Its as if he wants to give up but im not letting him. Ive noticed in the evening shifts he gets a little more tempermental with the syringe. So thats keeping my hopes high. Thank you for your tips. Begging for prayers for my family and little louie

  27. Arianna says:

    I have a 5 month old pitbull puppy.. Two days ago, she disappeared. I could tell she was acting funny due to her moping around.. She’s lost a couple lbs, won’t eat or drink, and is sleeping a lot. She also has a ton of any bites on her belly, underarms, and a few on her mouth. I’ve been giving her syringes full of water and Gatorade and will start pedialite tonight. She keeps most of it down but every once in awhile she vomits it back up. I haven’t seen her stools but she is urinating. Could what she has be parvo? Or some kind of infection?

    • isak says:

      Are you seeing any fleas on her? How does her coat look — shiny or moth-eaten?

      Has she ever been wormed? It’s quite common for puppies to have worms and if she has enough worms in her belly, she may not feel good or feel hungry.

      And if she has fleas and has eaten any of them, they can produce works, too.

  28. Dennis B. says:

    Marley (3 months): After 5 days of having our dog that we received from a nearby family (giveaway), Marley began vomiting. My wife got her into the vet within 3 hours of the first sign. The vet gave a horrible prognosis, diagnosing Marley with Parvo. They quoted $1,300.00 to $3,300.00 with no guarantee of success and offering no other option. When my wife and I suggested that we may just have to put her down, the vet was quick to judge, disagreed with our decision and then offered the home care option. Thank you for this site because it saved Matley’s life. We ended up bringing her back to the vet for 3 days, each day giving her antibiotics and I.V. treatment ($300.00 the first visit, $140.00 a visit for 2 more visits) and we followed the Home Remedy (Pedialyte, children’s Pepto, raw egg, bleaching, etc.). as described on the site. We also administered Paxxin and Vibactra (described as a Parvo treatment……get it locally, Amazon takes 5 days even with the most expensive shipping) as well as Nutri-Cal, a high calorie nutrition gel). It’s important to know at this point that she never ran a fever, never threw up after that first day and diarrhea stopped after about 18 hours (we think we caught it very early). As she began to improve, we served her the chicken and rice with the added nutrition gel, continued the Paxxin and Vibactra and Pedialyte. Marley survived and is still recovering. We are confident that the process explained in this site, along with the other described remdies, saved our Marley’s life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • isak says:

      I think getting her started as quickly as you did made a big difference. Marley has some great folks looking after her! Thanks for sharing what worked for you!

  29. Angelique Romero says:

    My dog (siberian husky), she’s already 17 months and gave birth this april 28. And just this week, I noticed a lot of changes.I don’t know if she has Parvo Virus but she’s showing the signs of having it. She loss her appetite and her poo is kinda wet but it has no blood. And she keeps throwing up and I also noticed that she loss a lot of weight and now I’m worried! What should I do? Please help me. Please please please :)

    • isak says:

      Is she still nursing? Nursing dogs can quickly lose weight because the pups are taking it from her as fast as she is eating. If this is the case, it would help to provide her with puppy food for the extra calories. Loss of appetite and loose bowel movements could just be an upset stomach — unless it lasts more than a couple days. Have you tried feeding her cooked rice and hamburger (drain any juice off the hamburger before giving it to her) to see if she might eat that?

      You might also give her some plain yogurt (not flavored because flavored has a lot of sugar in it) to soothe her stomach and replenish the good bacteria in her gut.

      Is she drinking water?

  30. Leisly says:

    My dog got parvo on sunday and is now recovering but today my puppy of 2 months is showing symptoms please help me. What do i start giving him .?

    • isak says:

      Most importantly, keep him hydrated even if you have to force water or pedialyte into him. Vomiting and diarrhea dehydrates them.

      Read this post for suggestions or look through the comments. Many people have shared their experiences. Hopefully something here will work for you. Best to you.

  31. Ranjna. says:

    My 9 week St. Bernard hit parvo on Thursday I realised it when he stop eating the food immediately took him to vet and he has been started with the saline for two times in a day along with all supportive medicines but he is not allows to have anything orally . Today is the 7 the of his suffering he has recovered from bloody diarrhoea and vomiting but he keeps on crying since stoppage of these symptoms m so much worried can anyone tell me why he is crying and what an b done

    • isak says:

      Is it a cry like he has pain? Is he eating? If not, maybe he is hungry? Is he near you or kept apart? You said he is 9 weeks old, so I am guessing he hasn’t been away from his mom and siblings for very long. Maybe he is crying for them because they were his security blanket and he doesn’t feel good so he wants to feel secure.

What do you think?

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