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Home Remedy for Parvo

By isak, June 21, 2009

Canine Parvovirus (“parvo”) attacks rapidly reproducing cells — such as those that line the gastrointestinal tract, bone marrow, lymph nodes and heart.

Parvo is highly contagious and is transmitted from dog to dog via contaminated droplets and feces. It can be carried on the dog’s hair and feet, as well as on contaminated cages, shoes and other objects. Dogs of all ages can be affected, but the highest rate of death occurs in puppies less than five months of age.


1. Diarrhea Syndrome (Enteritis)
After an incubation period of 7-14 days, the first signs of parvo are severe depression with loss of appetite, followed by vomiting. The dog will appear to be in extreme pain with a tucked-up abdomen. Within 24-hours, a high fever develops (up to 106 degrees F) and profuse diarrhea that is frequently bloody. Mouth inflammation can also occur. Almost no other canine disease exhibits these symptoms.

2. Cardiac Syndrome (Myocarditis)
This form of canine parvo affects the heart muscle, especially in puppies less than 3 months of age. Puppies with this form stop nursing, cry out and gasp for air. Death can occur suddenly or in a few days. Puppies that recover will sometimes develop a chronic form of congestive heart failure that leads to death in weeks or months.

The success of treatment for parvo depends on the form and the severity of the CPV infection as well as the age of the dog. In puppies that are between 6- and 20-weeks of age, there is a 1-4 week interval when they are most vulnerable despite being vaccinated. This is because the maternal antibodies they received through their mother’s milk are declining and therefore no longer protective but still interfere with the vaccine.

Dogs that recover from parvo are immune to the disease.
To follow is a home remedy I stumbled on for treating canine parvo on the internet and wanted to reprint it in case anyone may need it. It addresses the biggest needs in a treatment: fluid and electrolyte replacement, and medication to control diarrhea and vomiting.

This is an extremely hardy virus. It resists most household cleaners. The best disinfectant is Clorox (one part bleach to 30 parts water).

My puppy had Parvo, he was only 8 weeks old, and just a few pounds. I took him to the vet and realized that it would be anywhere from 600-1500 dollars to cure him, even then he may not survive. So I looked up puppy parvo on for any alternatives, I found many things that people had tried, and they said it worked, so I chose the raw eggs, children’s Pedialite, and children’s pepto method. What you will need is the following;

* Eggs (enough to last several days)
* Children’s Pepto
* Instant rice
* Hamburger
* Children’s Pedialite (or Gatorade will work also)
* A Syringe for feeding
* You might also want to get puppy training pads or newspaper

First take your dog and place him in a sterile dog cage, with the puppy pad or news paper covering the bottom because there will be lots of throw up and lots of diarrhea. Then sterilize your whole home. I used a spray found in the pet area of WalMart, its called “Odo Ban.” It also smells really good. Then used bleach [1 part bleach to 30 parts water] on all hard floors and dog cage. After everything is clean, DO NOT let your puppy out of his/her cage until he is completely healed.

Then I took a raw egg and blended it with a fork and put it in the Syringe and force fed him. I gave him 2 tablespoons of egg and 1 tablespoon of Pedialite every 4 hours for 3 days. I also gave him the children’s pill form of Pepto 3 times a day. I cut the pill in half and put it at the back of his throat. The serving size for your puppy may be greater depending on his size. I did this for about 3 days and until he was a lot more play full, and until his diarrhea was gone. (I also changed his pad every time he went potty and sterilized his cage every time to keep the parvo contained.)

After the 3 days was up I boiled instant rice and ground up hamburger and fed him 1/4 of a cup every four hours. (try this one time and wait to see if he can hold down the solid food. If its thrown back up, go back to eggs and pedielite for 2 more days. Then try it again.) After the first day of giving them the rice (and the puppy kept it down), try soft dog food the next day. If they keep that down, then you’re good to go, give them a sterile bath and they are now free to run around and play.

Why this works
This method works because puppy’s die from being dehydrated, not from the sickness itself, the key is keeping them from throwing up and healthy while the sickness goes away. They need lots of electrolytes. The Raw eggs for Nutrition, and pepto to keep there tummy’s calm. It worked for my little boy, and I hope it works for you. He is now the happiest little thing. Don’t forget to follow up with another vet visit to make sure all is well. Keep them in the house and off the outside ground for at least a week more just so you wont spread the sickness to any other dogs. Good luck i hope this helps you :) Jessica F.

P.S. My puppy is about 3 pounds, so there might me a slight change in feeding, Be sure not to over feed, were not trying to make them full, just enough to keep them alive.

Tip Source: Thrifty Fun website.


A reader sent a tip suggesting that Tamiflu can be used to treat Parvo. From what I read, she is correct. Here’s more info about using Tamiflu to treat Parvo.


If you read through the comments below, you will see a testimonial from Angelica about a product she bought and used on her chihuahua/dachshund mix. And it worked for her! It’s called Parv-gone. I am not familiar with this product. If you are, let us know how it worked for you.

Note: Also read through the comments below. Several people have shared what has worked for them.


  1. bonnie says:

    My puppy will be 8 months old on the 15th of this month he has been at the vet for 3 days now he still has vomiting and diarrhea today they told me he has ulsurs in his mouth and they told me they recommend I put him down his fever is staying normal … the thing is I don’t have the money up front and need to make payments on his vet bill … so I feel my vet is giving up on him because of the payment issues … do you think he has a chance or should I make this hard decision to put him down .. they won’t let me visit him but keep telling me he’s depressed … please help

    • isak says:

      I personally believe that many pets stand a better chance of getting well when they are at home where their “family” is. It relieves them of a certain level of stress. Do you know what they are doing to help him? What meds he is on? Could the ulcers be a reaction to something they are giving him? I don’t understand why they will not let you visit your dog. Without knowing more about what’s happening, I think he has a chance, but I am ever optimistic.

  2. angie says:

    My has had two bags of electrolytes and just threw up a string thing and still is not responding much to anything she’s skinny and I don’t know what to do the vet said that she has a severe case of cargo. Should I wait a couple more days to put her sleep when she just wants to go be alone and dye

    • isak says:

      Getting over parvo takes time and I hope you won’t give up on her too soon. Is she eating or drinking? Keeping liquids in her is essential. Maybe what she threw up is a worm?

      I cannot tell you if/when to give up on her. That’s between your dog, yourself and your vet.

  3. Yesi says:

    I have a 6 months old maltipoo.
    He started vomiting and feeling down on March 24
    I took him to the vet on March 25
    I don’t see a lot of improvement but I have hope cause his drinking water on his own.
    Even though his drinking water I’m still giving him rebound
    (Oral electrolyte) also his antibiotic and pepto bismol.
    He walks but not a lot.
    I’m trying to feed him egg but doesn’t want it.
    Should I feed him powder milk? My dad bought it for the baby goats.

    • isak says:

      Milk is a common cause of diarrhea and upset stomachs in dogs. Some dogs do not tolerate milk well, so I would avoid it. How about some plain hamburger and rice?

  4. Rachelle says:

    My puppy Sebastian has been diagnosed with parvo. This is day 5 is has not gotten worse but has not gotten better either. One or two stools kinda thick but green and two or three light vomit episodes clear after giving Pedialyte. BANFIELD visit, brought home sub bags, nutri cal, antibiotics given via shot,Have meds for diareaha and metronidazole. 5 month old terrier poodle mix is alert and waGs his tail. We are providing 10 to 20 cc of Pedialyte hourly and trying a Can food suggested by vet. Still syringe feeding. How much longer? He sleeps and sits with his head up for a while. Could we be beating this?

  5. Erica Parks says:

    I got a puppy on Wednesday the 18th of March. She is a German Shepard and is about 3 and a half months old. She started throwing up the next day. Her name Thunderstorm, she means the world to me in this short amount of time. When she throws up its food from the day before, she doesn’t have diarrhea and she is not depressed, she jumps on me and follows me everywhere. I don’t know what to do.

    • isak says:

      As a puppy, throwing up can be caused by many things, mots obviously that she ate something she shouldn’t have. Keep an eye on her and if it continues for more than a day, contact your vet.

  6. ianne says:

    It’s me again. :) Thank you very much for the response. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with parvovirus yesterday but started feeling ill 2 days ago. :( The good thing is she is still drinking a lot of water. I can’t afford to have her hospitalized so I’m doing home treatment. Starting this morning, I gave her Ranitidine Hydrochloride (Zantac) and Metoclopromide (Plasil). I mixed her water with Petdelyte. She doesn’t like to eat but she drinks a lot. She is still vomiting and her stool is already dark. She started pooping dark stool 24 hours after I noticed she was feeling off. Yesterday afternoon, the same thing happened. A while ago, I noticed that she shakes her head involuntarily. What could be the reason for this? Is this a bad sign? Thank you so much in advance. I’m from the Philippines by the way. :)

    • isak says:

      Shakes her head? Not sure what is causing that. Could it be a reaction to the drugs? From what I have read, Plasil can cause drowsiness. Could the head shakes be from her feeling drowsy? Also Plasil can cause diarrhea. Because the medication is partly designed to aid in digestive processes, this side effect can be considered a natural part of treatment initially. But if the diarrhea doesn’t stop, you may want to contact your vet.

      Best of luck to you and your baby. I hope she is starting to feel better. And keep us posted.

  7. Katy says:

    I have a 4 month old German shepherd, on Saturday I put her on a chain outside my house to let her play and get fresh air. She was fine that day but on Sunday she started throwing up. On Monday she stopped eating all together. I can’t even to get her to eat her favorite people food. On Tuesday she had some foul smelling diarrhea and the same yesterday. All she does is sleep and lay in one spot, she will look at me with sad little puppy eyes. She is drinking water tho. She throws it up, but still she tries. The vet wont look at her due to me not having any money. I need some ideas on what I can do for her and hopefully it’s not parvo.

    • isak says:

      It’s important that she drinks water, even if you have to buy a large syringe and force feed it to her. Pedialyte would be even better for the electrolytes it contains. Then read through this page — including the comments. Many people have left comments about what they have done for their dog with parvo, so there will be many things that you can try. Good luck and keep us posted. With her being so young, maybe she just found something in the yard to eat that she shouldn’t have?

  8. ianne says:

    hi! my dog is turning 1year old this april. she’s a mixed breed of dachshund and terrier. she is showing signs of parvovirus – vomitting and her feces is already dark. :( she still drinks water though. she’s not eating as well. may i ask what i could do about her feces? thanks in advance

    • isak says:

      You may give her some yogurt or acidophilus (comes in powder or capsules you can pull apart). This will put “good” bacteria in her digestive track. If she is drinking and not eating, perhaps she ate something she shouldn’t have?

  9. Kaite says:

    I just had a 14 week old pit puppy pass away while he was at the vet, i paid $316 for his stay. The vet said it was parvo, although he didnt test him because he said it would be a waste of $50 more dollars to tell me something that he knew. Well we cleaned the house up and now i have his sister, same litter and everything. All of the other puppies are healthy where they live so its not from their orignial home. I dont have the funds to go thru another vet visit with her too but im already so attachted and cant let her go on me too. Ive been reading up on home remedies and i just want her to be better. I need advice on where to start. She still drinks her water, but stopped eating. She has bloody diarrhea, vomitting and all of the signs of Parvo. The main issue im having with everything is my brother has a chihuahua mix puppy who is just a little younger than my puppy and he hasnt caught it, he was in the same areas as her and playing with her but he is still healthy, without his shots. Please help. I love my animals like theyre my children and i cant lose another baby.

    • isak says:

      Apologies for being so slow getting back to you. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss.

      The most important thing is to be sure your girl stays hydrated. And separate these two dogs until everything clears up. Your brother should get his dog vaccinated against parvo.

      Read through the comments on this page and see what people have been doing that has helped them. There is a lot of experience being shared here. Keep your girl hydrated and work on some bland food. And please let us know how things are going.

  10. erica says:

    My puppy is about 3 months old she has had diarrhea for4 days know and 1 day ago she was throwing up yellow fluid know its only white plus she has mucus in her diarrhea and it’s really smelly war should I do I don’t want my softie to die plus I have 3 other dogs

  11. LIz Stevenson says:

    I have taken your raw egg treatment for my Yorki Puppy as well as shots from the Vet he has Parvo. Thank You In Advance
    Trouble is a true fighter

  12. isa says:

    My 4 week old puppy rex (German shepherd) just started having watery poop and I’m scared it could be parvo I don’t know what too do..I’m guessing it could be the substitute puppy milk I’m giving him that’s making him poop like that?someone help!!!!

  13. casey says:

    My daughters little pit puppy has pravo she has had her shots. She startes voimting and pooping alot. We have been doing the pedialyte today and she was holding it down ok. She dont have alot of money for a vet. My husband and I where looking into the pravo gone for her. My daughter saves this puppy once as she had worms real bad. Was told she is 3 months old she is really maybe a month old or 2 old. Could I use that pravo gone one her?

    • isak says:

      I have not personally used Parvo-Gone, so I don’t know if there is an age limited. There is a phone number on their website: 1.484.PAR.VGON (727.8466). Perhaps you can give them a call. And if you do, I would love it if you would post their answer here in case someone else has the same question.

      Best to you all in getting past this.

  14. Justin says:

    My puppies were terminal with parvo in less than a day :( yhey both died yesterday :( now another dog has just thrown up white foam :( I am so devastated by the fact I couldn’t do anything :c

  15. Justin says:

    2 of my puppies died last night because of the disease… it killed them both in less than a day and now my other puppy has thrown up straight white foam… nothing else … and I really need tp knoe if this I’d a symptom before its too late :( he’s about 10 months old

    • isak says:

      White foam is at the top of the stomach which means the stomach is full. It could mean the dog has been given spoiled food, too much food, is getting sick or has an obstruction. Watch the dog carefully. If it stops drinking water, continues to throw up during the next 24 hours and/or has diarrhea take it to the vet.

      It won’t hurt your puppy to follow some of the recommendations for food and hydration on this page.

      I am so sorry for your losses. How heartbreaking for you. And how sad for them.

  16. David says:

    2 of my 3 Chihuahua’s were acting sick during their morning ritual of going poo poo outside. They both had diarrhea and would not eat or drink when I fed them breakfast. I had a hunch it was something bad enough to warrant a trip to the vet. They tested positive for Parvo but the 3rd Chihuahua’s test showed no signs of it. She got a Parvo booster on the spot. Since the doctor estimated my cost would be well over $1500 to hospitalize them but would be half that if I take them home and administer their medication and feed them fluids via an intravenous line which I had to have help with. I had to hold the dogs and someone else would have to stick the needle just below their shoulder blades but aligned with their spine just under their skin. At first it seemed hard but we quickly learned to do it without any trouble. I also give them Pedialyte and forcefully feed them some veterinary wet dog food mixed with rice to help settle their stomachs.

    It is day 5 now. Buffy and Oz (The 2 sick Chihuahuas) are both eating and drinking on their own. And seem pretty well cured. However. now the 3rd Chihuahua is acting sick and not eating. It could be a side effect from the booster but she could still have Parvo. So she is quarantined on her own and I am administering the same doses to her.

    If your dog comes down with Parvo and you do not have money for a vet, I would recommend getting a syringe and unflavored Pedialyte to keep them hydrated. And make some plain rice and mix it with a healthy but wet dog food. You don’t have to worry as much about feeding them food as you do keeping them hydrated. It is imperative you make sure they get fluids. I asked the vet about giving dogs activated charcoal. While some might dispute the vet, she said “DO NOT DO IT”. I asked her why. She said it will bind in the dog. I have no further knowledge to support her. I know activated charcoal has actually been prescribed by doctors for patients with food poisoning and ulcers. So I think my vet might be wrong about telling me not to give a dog activated charcoal. I think it is worth looking into.

    • isak says:

      Thanks for the great info! Diarrhea quickly dehydrates a dog which is why keeping them hydrated is so important. If you live near a feed store, they sell larger syringes which makes it easier to administer liquids orally.

      Your vet’s reaction to the active charcoal in interesting as it is mentioned on several websites. One vet, Roger Ross at FoxNest Veterinary Hospital in Seneca, SC says, “I like using activated charcoal on parvo cases. It helps with both the diarrhea and toxin absorption.”

      And EarthClinic says, “Keeping your dog hydrated is critical. Adding something antiviral such as apple cider vinegar or activated charcoal to water or broth can help kill off the virus at the same time.”

      So definitely worth looking into, as you said.

      I hope all three of your dogs are completely well very soon.

  17. Carla says:

    So Boots eats on her and drinks on her own as well. She is extremely active. What the active charcoal does is it absorbs the virus like a sponge and makes it pee out. She has been extremely great!! its been over a week. However, lastnight she vomitted out of no where? and didnt poop until today morning and was diarrhea again, we started giving her small dosages or less i would say of dosages. Since we thought she was better. But im giving her everything again and try to do it every hour and a half. she does eat and drink but i dont know what made her do that after she was starting to poop solid again. We made her a puppy formula which makes her immune stronger which contains, milk, an egg, and pedialyte. & she loves it. The vet said she was doing great and was recovering. She will have another check up within the next 2 weeks to see if she has it still… I still have alot of faith in my puppy. Hope it helps (:

  18. Carla says:

    Hi so I have a shih tzu puppy , named boots and she is 3 months and got contacted with parvo. This began Tuesday morning by being very mellow when she normally is active and energetic. she would just lay down and not eat nor drink. We took her immediately to the vet and the cost to be hospitalized was over 1500$ therefore we choose the take home-kit. Even though the Vet told us it would be better if she stayed with them. Anyways I took her home they gave her shots so we can learn how to inject her correctly, so she would be fine that night. However, I did not feel very confident with just giving her that so I searched online for home remedies. I found active charcoal and pepto bismol and apple cider vinegar. That night I gave her pepto bismol every 2 hours and active charcoal with pedialyte about every hour and a half. The main thing is to keep her hydrated. We been keeping her hydrated non-stop with pedialyte. The next day (Wednesday) she was up and active running around everywhere, barking, and she was able to eat. She has not vomitted at all only once on the first day that was it. No fever at all, but did do diarrhea. Today Thursday she poopes brown and half solid looking and some diarrhea. Shes running around and does not whine at all, very active. Im hoping the virus is going away but will continue to give her her medication. As long as you keep being positive the puppy will feel it and will be positive as well and overcome this. I have alot of faith on my puppy. Tomorrow I have an appointment with her vet to see how she is doing.

    • isak says:

      Congrats! It certainly sounds like Boots may well be on the road to recovery! And I agree with being positive! This is the first time I have heard anyone mention active charcoal. What dosage are you using and how often? Is it to soothe her stomach?

      Good luck tomorrow. I bet the vet will be pleasantly surprised!

  19. Renae Mendoza says:

    Ihave a 5 month bull terrier that got diagnosed with parvo . She was hospitalized with parvi , didn’t have money but she got to stay there for 12 hours once I picked her up i took her to another vet and they gave me electrolytes cause at the er they gave me antibiotics , diarrhea and nausea medicine . Earlier she just had her eyes closed and was super loose from her body . I just want to make her better since idont have money to hospitalized her . Please comment and let me know !!

    • isak says:

      Try some of the suggestions on this page. Many people have offered ideas that have worked for them. Hopefully they will help your baby, too.

  20. yazi says:

    I have a little blue nose pit(weeks) and she has parvo the moment I noticed she had it I tried this… that same night she started feeling a Lil better the next day she was great and today it all just down hill she seems bad and right now her mouth starting to feel cold don’t think she going to make it :'(

  21. ness says:

    We have an 8 month old pit. We r on our 2nd day of our boy being very sick , and we have no money to take him to the vet. No one will see him at all nor will anyone even talk to us to recommend what we should do. We are searching for answers and hoping to get them fast! Keggs started off just no being g himself. He ate only a little food yesterday and a little water, then by last night would eat nothing and would only drink what he would lick off my hand. Today will not even do that. I tried forcing chicken broth down his throat with a medicine dropper and he would not swallow it he gagged it all up. He has had horrible diarrhea for two days now but the only time he has thrown up it was just foamy stuff and more dry heaves…..everything we have read is signs of parvo but we don’t know what to do! Please help!

    • isak says:

      Make sure you keep him hydrated. You may need to get a larger syringe — like one for goats or horses — from a feed store, if you can. You might also try getting something in his stomach to soothe the upset. There are some suggestions on this page. Also try plain yogurt or powdered acidophilus.
      Also read through the comments. People have added things that have worked for them.

  22. mortana nichols says:

    My puppy,, her mame is Sa’Real.
    I love her so much,,,she does not have diarrhea,nor is she vomiting,,,bit she is not eating her food but will eat table food,,,she seems really depressed,,she still plays,,,but she jus isnt her self,,,she seems very dehydrated,,,,she is 4 month’s ,,,I let her out side about 4 times,,there are alot of cats around here,,so I dnt kno wat to do,,,she plays but not like she usualy does,,,,nd she is jus not her self……PLEASE HELP…

    • isak says:

      At four months, they put almost anything in their mouth that will fit. She may have gotten something that is not agreeing with her. If you suspect she is dehydrated, you can give her some pedialyte. If she doesn’t drink it on her own, you may need to administer it into her mouth with an oral syringe. You can usually find them at a feed store or maybe a pharmacy. You might also give her some plain yogurt to settle her stomach.

      You can also cook some hamburger, drain all the grease off it, mix it with some plain rice and have her eat that. It’s pretty bland, so it shouldn’t upset her stomach.

  23. Noelle says:

    My 8 week old beagle/boxer mix pup was diagnosed two days ago with Parvo. We got IV bags and medication from the vet because we couldn’t afford the vet care. Yesterday he was eating and drinking, playing, and his stool hardened. Today he won’t eat, he has diarrhea and he is sleeping all day. I am besides myself and don’t know what to do to help my little guy! Please help!

    • isak says:

      Please try some of the things mentioned in this post and in the comments. Many people have shared what has worked for them. He may not want to eat because of an upset stomach. Maybe from the meds? Try some plain yogurt to calm his stomach, then make sure you keep him hydrated as diarrhea will dehydrate him.

  24. mira says:

    I adopted a chihuahua mix last weekend who came home with what I think was parvo. Bloody diarrhea and had a day of vomiting. I tried a bland diet with chicken and rice which he loved the first day but then vomited all day the second day. The third day he didn’t eat or drink anything but I remembered the biggest concern was hydration so I kept offering his water in between naps. He took a few sips just enough to wet his very dry mouth. Yesterday he began eating eggs and had some rice noodles in the evening. He also drank about 2 cups of water throughout the day. This morning I made eggs mixed with a little baby cereal. He ate it all. He still has the diarrhea but he’s looking much more energetic. I’ll continue the egg diet, thanks for your help!

  25. nikki says:

    i have two pit-mix pups we got just before christmas. one is showing signs of parvo. since i have two pups i can expect to double any vet bill. has anyone besides angelica tried parv-gone?

  26. rich says:

    I have a 4m0ns old puppy ,her name is c0okie, at first she all of a sudden she loss of appetite ,so we dcided to bring her to vet but the 1st vet prescribed 0nly s0me vitamins and dextr0se pwder,aftr f0ll0wing her instructi0n , day aftr c0okie started v0mitting her acid and really w0rried us,so we decided to bring her to 0ther vet and t0ok a parv0 test and she is p0sitive fr0m parv0 ,she diagn0sed dec.09 and as of yesterday .Considering that the h0spital near fr0m us ,we decided to bring h0me c0okie and c0nfine her at h0me.aftr 24hrs of observing at h0me with dxtr0se ,she n0t v0miting acid anym0re ,the vet injected antibi0tics ,and anti v0mitting .but stilL co0kie n0t regaining s0 much strength like bef0re, what to do?

  27. Bridget says:

    My husband and I got our two small children a puppy as an early Christmas present. Last night I noticed while he was going potty out side that it was diarrhea and in the middle of the night he threw up a little in his bed. today I noticed that he has some blood in his poop. he has not thrown up again since and seems to be eating and drinking well but only plays for like an hour all day and sleeps the rest of the day. I am worried but not sure if this is parvo or not, wondering what you think?

    • isak says:

      Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Seems my notifications are not coming through. How is your puppy doing? It could be something as simple as the change of diet and a new home and maybe some worms.

  28. ANGELICA says:

    Please try PARV-GONE! It saved my dog molly, this is the first time I leave a comment on anything so I will keep it short and honest and simple.
    good luck

  29. ANGELICA says:

    Please try PARV-GONE! It saved my dog molly, this is the first time I leave a comment on anything so I will keep it short and honest and simple.

    good luck

  30. ANGELICA says:

    Hi there, I just recently had to battle with parvo for my mix chihuahua/dachshund exactly 2 weeks ago to this date, I have read all these postings but only after the fact.. :( I had already spent 153.00 dollars at the ER for my little one only for them to confirm the parvo virus,and not antibiotics or any kind of treatment. I was devasted and also a bit upset becuase of the darn sales tatics that the ER give you and how they will save your dog after several days of hospitalization.. Long story short, I could not afford to hospitalize my dog and so the search was on and time was of the essence. I went online and found this product for parvo called PARV-GONE? I was running out of ideas and also money, I bought it had it shipped overnight. Let me just say that I was a bit nervous becuase I had never seen anything like it or heard of it, but it was worth a shot. I have to say that it WORKED!!!! The next day my molly was starting to drink and also later that evening she was eating (little) but eating! I want to share this product becuase it WORKED AND it was inexpensive!!! please spread the word, parvo is an all year around virus..and I was told that even with shots your dog can still get the virus… :(
    My molly is saved and it was to this small product that made a life or death impact.
    http://WWW.PARVGONE.COM is the website. I still have money in my pocket and my molly is with me!

    Best of luck for any one who is looking for a remedy!


  31. India says:

    Hey guys. I just recently got a Brennan pitbull from a friend. After a day or so, she started having diarrhea really bad. Then started vomiting, then start throwing up blood. I took her to the vet, but because I was having financial problems. I could only pay for her to get fluids, 3 shots, and deworming medicine since I seen one worm in her throw up. She slowly starting to walk again, but constantly shaking, I’m guessing from not really staying too hydrated. I try to force feed her but because I just got her I don’t wanna too much force feed her considering she barely knows me. What to do

  32. Whittny says:

    I’ve been holding off on the eggs until I was sure my lil brothers puppy could hold it down. Last night he started having diarrhea and vomiting but no blood. We immediately started him on pepto and gatorade and as of right now he’s gone two almost three hours wo vomiting and he’s only had blood in his poo once and that was this morning. Since then he hasn’t made a bowel movement and he hasn’t stopped walking around. Most important is to have the dogs favorite person be the one to nurse him/her back to health. They feel a lot more comfortable!

  33. jeanette says:

    hi this is my first time dealing with parvo. My puppy is said to be 4-6 months old she is a blue pit. definitely alot larger than a 3 wk old puppy. Im concerned on the dosing instructions of the pepto, and I have some anti diarrhea medicine and anti nausea medicine I recieved from the E.R. when I had a kidney infection, would it be wise to try to use this for my Bug a Blue?? and again what would be the dosage to give her?

  34. amber guy says:

    My puppy has not been officially diagnosed. Would it hurt to go ahead and do try this anyways?

  35. Destiny says:

    My puppy who can’t be more than 4-6 months old just got diagnosed with Parvo. Seeing as we didn’t have the money to hospitalize her we’re doing the home treatment. The vet gave her injections and sent us home with an IV bag (she only had 10% of the fluids she was supposed to have) and several different pills. They told us only about 20% live on home treatments. I’m very worried. We’ve been force feeding her baby food (second stage) and water and Pedia lite. This morning (she was rushed to the er last night where she was diagnosed) she got up and drank water on her own. We have the puppy pads however she only had bloody diarrhea once since we’ve been home. Her breathing is very heavy and corse. My boyfriend says that colostrum would help (bovine breast milk) and I read what everyone said about the eggs and medicine. I’m just worried about doing something the vet didn’t tell me to do. But I want my baby to live at all costs if possible.

    • isak says:

      Labored, heavy breathing is concerning. I think you should call your vet and get their input. It might be okay, but you should ask.

  36. tennille says:

    Sadly..ozzy passed away a day after my last post..he seemed like he was taking a step forward..but when I checked him Tuesday morning he was limp and breathing heavy and didnt acknowledge me…I gave him extra kisses before I left for work because I just had as feeling..sure enough within an hour my boyfriend called me to tell me he passed away.

  37. IrmaSU says:

    My Old english sheep dog, Max was diagnosed with Parvo last friday. I was told the best thing to do was hospitalize him that day but the bill started at $900 and could go up to $1800. That was not an option for my family so they sent us home with some antibiotic and nautia meds. He didn’t seem so bad on saturday but on Sunday he was EXTREMELY sick, weak, vomitting, diareah, almost dead. he lost so much weight my little guy was REALLY bad.

    On monday I called the vet and asked what my options were. They said to hospitalize him but again, that financially was not an option. I got on the internet and continued my research. I had already done the special tea and tried giving him that but it did not stay in him. I read this article and it gave me hope! I got everything ready and dedicated myself to my puppy for 3 straight days!

    Since he wasn’t keeping much down I gave him gatorade thru his backend 3 times per day, I got him in his dog crate and stopped letting him roam the back yard, I would give him anti nautia and imodium every 3 hours and I AM SO EXCITED TO SAY….My puppy is doing great and so full of energy, eating and drinking and gaining weight quickly today…only 7 days later!!!

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! You helped save my little guy!!!

  38. shere says:

    After reading this and the comments I had decided to try it out since it was going to cost me over $4000 for my baby girl zuree to be at a 24 hour hospital. Just after 24 hours she has stared eating food on her own (but a little at a time). The vet gave her 2 shots to clean everything out and some fliuds. I was afraid something might happen to her but you guys gave me hope that my baby would be ok. Now she is jumping onto my bed, trying to play with my other dog, and just being her old self. I am a relieved and proud mama right now. I don’t know what I would of done without her and without all of your comments and suggestions. Thank you so much!!!!!!

    • isak says:

      So happy about your news that Zuree is rebounding! I’m glad we could help you guys. Now go hug that girl for us!

      ps… Any idea what the shots were?

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