Hustler, a registered Paint, is looking for a new home

SCAM! Registered Paint in Florida is Looking for a New Home

By isak, November 2, 2012

UPDATE: This has been determined to be a SCAM! This horse is NOT owned by “David Brian” and is NOT for sale. Apparently the idea is to get you to pay for transport of this horse. You will never get the horse and you will never see your money again! This scam has appeared in various parts of the US – including a Craigslist ad in Montana. THIS IS A SCAM! If you see it, report it to the FTC.

We received an email from David Brian who is moving from Florida to DC for a job and he is unable to take his horse — a registered Paint named Hustler — due to his housing situation in DC. He is willing to let his horse go for free to someone who can¬†provide Hustler with a good home and show him love and care. In exchange, the new owner will pay transport costs. David must be in DC by the end of next week.

Here’s more about Hustler, the registered Paint –

  • Hustler is approximately 3 1/2 years old.
  • A registered Paint (see certificate below).
  • Stands at 15 hands tall.
  • Up-to-date on vaccinations, worming and trimming.
  • Good with farrier.
  • Loads easily in trailer and trailers well. Rode home with us for over 9 hours.
  • Has had 2 years extensive ground work (knows verbal commands in round pen) and then was broke to ride at the end of last year and first of this year.
  • Has since been ridden a few times and has done well.
  • Knows his queues, just needs time under saddle.
  • Has every necessary document to enable him travel.

Here is a copy of his registration. Click the image to see a larger version.

Whoever adopts him will be responsible for whatever fee is incurred to ship Hustler (approx. $850-$1000).

If you are interested in learning more about Hustler, please text David at (727) 238-5413 or email David.

And please share this story with everyone you know so we can find Hustler a wonderful new home!


  1. Kristina says:

    When you transport a horse, you actually pay upon delivery. Only a DUMBASS would pay a person directly upfront to do this!

  2. Anne M says:

    So everyone knows this is a scam to get you to pay the shipping costs. This guy in in Nigeria.

  3. Santiago says:

    Hello David, Is Hustler still available? I’m interested, Thanks!

    • isak says:

      Santiago, I forwarded your message to David. If you do not hear back from him, please call him at (727) 238-5413. Thank you!

  4. B. Baker says:

    I will tell a friend of mine about this. She belongs to a local riding club. They all love horses and have places for them. Perhaps someone can help.

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