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By isak, January 10, 2009

It’s going on 11 am. This time yesterday, I was getting ready to take Lily to the vet. I’m not sure why it is important to note this except that at this time yesterday, Lily was still on the front porch, still snoozing in her dog house and still alive, albeit a lousy state of health. She passed at about 11:45 am yesterday, so this is still part of her last day of life in this place.

It’s a chilly day today. The high for the day has already passed and as the cold front moves in, the temperatures will get cooler all day. It’s a cloudy day, too. Much different than yesterday with it’s in-and-out sunshine, high humidity and warm temperatures, upper 80s… the up side of this roller coaster winter weather.

I read somewhere that the winter after a hurricane hits our state is colder than usual. I guess there is some fact to that statement given that when the roller coaster goes down, it gets pretty cold… below freezing. That may not sound like much, but this is southern Texas.

In my memory from childhood, the temperatures got gradually cooler and cooler in winter and rain was replaced by snow. Towards the end of winter, the snow became rain and the temperatures started getting warmer in preparation for summer. So far this winter — we’re about what, three weeks into it? — Spring has returned at least 4 times. It’s kind of the joke on the local tv weather: “Spring will be returning tomorrow” or “Winter will be blowing in tonight.” I guess it could be worse. I am at least saving some money not running the air or heat much. Thank you, God!

Well, I need to find something to do so I can stop watching the clock… and I want to turn on some nice music. Have you heard The Gabe Dixon Band yet? Great stuff! I caught him on Jimmy Kimmel a couple nights ago, then immediately downloaded his album off eMusic. It’s one of those albums you can play again immediately after you listen to it. Matter of fact, maybe I will play it again now… it’s been a couple hours since my last listen.

So Gabe it is, then maybe some Kendall Payne… especially “On My Bones” from her Jordan’s Sister album. Good music for thought and weariness.

Well, the kitchen beckons… time to make some pumpkin bread.

Love you, Little Lil. Hope things are great with you. Sure wish you were out in the front yard kicking some ass, but I am thankful to have the memories of you doing just that! And how many people will remember you barking from under the house when they called to talk to me on the phone at feeding time… hugs to you, baby girl!

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