Cattery cats move in

By isak, February 21, 2008

The cattery for Otis and Layla is done (you can click the photos to see a larger images). Of course there are some little touches I want to add, but the cats are in. Layla appeared in the street last Wednesday after some rain showers just as they usually do at dinner time. I went over with two cat carriers. I tricked Layla into one of the carriers with food, brought her back across the street and released her in the cattery. Boy, she was a bit freaked (what, being surrounded by dogs is scary???). I went back for Otis and could not find him. It took me quite a while to find him. I looked for him, but came back home. Then went back, but came back home again.

I started wondering if I should take Layla back across the street and release her until I could find Otis. I made one last attempt to locate him, bringing the carrier along with me through the woods. And bingo!, I found him. What a relief to me.

Otis took to the new digs like he had been there for years. Layla has been a bit more nervous, but things are working out. Their cattery is about 20 feet outside the dining room window. Whenever the weather permits, I have the windows open, so Otis and Layla can hear all our noise — me talking, the dogs barking, the stereo, the tv — and feel like they are a part of us. Or so that’s my thinking.

I have been reading about diet and nutrition for cats with leukemia and am going to try some holistic food for all the cats in the house for a month to see if it makes a difference in anything. I think it will be most important to Otis and Layla, but the reading I have done will make you leery of most pet food. Of course, it is important at this point to note that the “kids'” diet is probably far better than mine. Maybe I’ll just start eating what they eat… ha, ha.

What do you think?

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