Dog Training Website Offers $25k to Dog Rescues

By isak, June 28, 2009 to donate $25k to dog rescueLos Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 25, 2009 — Finding funding for dog rescue shelters is difficult to do, especially in the current economic recession. That’s why is offering a total of $25,000 donations to be distributed to 500 needy dog rescues. The donations can be in the form of either cash or dog supplies, depending on what the rescue needs.

“Our world has a serious dog overpopulation problem,” said Nipa Roy, spokesperson for “There are tons of rescues out there, making a noble effort to save and re-home dogs, but every day they struggle to get enough funding to stay open another day. Donations are an absolute necessity for these rescues.”

“With the current economy, many dog rescues are struggling to survive even if they were doing okay before,” Roy said. “Fewer families can afford to care for their dogs, so more dogs are being surrendered and fewer are being adopted out. That is when we decided to donate a total sum of $25,000 for as many as 500 Dog Rescues. We hope that our donations will provide much needed food and supplies to the dogs in these rescues”. Roy continued, “Someone has to try and help in whatever way they can and we’d like to do our part.”

With more than 875,000 subscribers to their free dog training mini courses, has always held a passion to help the canine community at large. will select 500 of the neediest dog rescues to receive donations. To be considered for the donation, a rescue must fill out the online form on’s web site. The form requests contact information for the rescue, allows the rescue to choose whether they want the donation in cash or goods, and asks questions such as what dog breeds they rescue and why they should be chosen as one of the 500 to receive a donation.

To find out how your rescue organization can claim its donation, please visit

In addition to their philanthropic activities, provides dog breed specific information for owners who want to learn more about dog and puppy training. Rescues can link to the website to provide foster and adoptive owners with the information they need to train their dogs. Dogs that are well trained or receive good training are more likely to find a “forever home” with their new owners, keeping them out of rescues so the space can be saved for other needy canines.

More information on Dog and Puppy Training can be found on their website at

Founded 5 years ago by dog enthusiasts, was created with the intention of providing a much-needed resource to help owners train their dogs and puppies, based on their natural breed instincts. Today, the website has more than 875,000 subscribers to their free, breed-specific dog training course. It also has information about all kinds of dog breeds – from small breeds like Italian Greyhounds to large breeds like the Great Dane.

The website’s staff is constantly researching, conducting surveys, and experimenting with dog training techniques to ensure that the information provided is the best and most current available. For more information, please visit

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