Going green?

By isak, June 4, 2008

I am dryer-less… waiting on a part to come in so I can replace the broken part. So I have hung 100 feet of clothesline.

1. Watch where you walk. Don’t just look up at the clothes line. Remember this area is shared with the dogs and there may be some doggy doodle under the clothes line.
2. Don’t hang clothes after 4 pm. Clothes left out over night tend to be damper in the morning from the humidity.
3. If you don’t want your neighbors seeing your underwear, wash your underwear during the week when there is less traffic.
4. Buy stretchless line. I had no choice when I shopped for mine. I bought the only kind they had and have to tighten it daily.
5. Clothespins… 50 for $2 or 8 for $5…. hmmm, let me think. BTW, 50 don’t go as far as you might think.

What do you think?

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