With regards to Judge Alanna Murphy

By isak, May 1, 2010


I wonder if Judge Murphy knows the extended joy felt in waves around the world yesterday as news of her ruling circumnavigated the world faster than the speed of sound or light.

I wonder if she has any idea how much happiness she created within the hearts of more people than she can perhaps imagine. People from most countries of the world. People that have stood by for almost two years as Francesca Rogier has fought for the life of her companion, her dog Brindi.

Yesterday afternoon in a Dartmouth, Nova Scotia courthouse, Judge Alanna Murphy created just such a tsunami when she ruled that Brindi would be released* from the city’s relentless 20-month stranglehold.

Yesterday afternoon, Judge Murphy let us know that the light at the end of the tunnel was NOT yet another train coming, but an opening back into the life Francesca and Brindi had barely started together.

Brindi supporters from around the world are rejoicing as messages of happiness continue to pour in.

Thank you, Judge Murphy, for choosing life over death; for giving Francesca and Brindi the much-asked chance to shine in the community!

You are world class to us one and all!

To Francesca, Brindi and Amelia — best wishes for a long and wonderful future!

Ciao, Holly

* Conditions for the release include: Francesca and Brindi must take training courses, Francesca must ensure there is a secure enclosure for Brindi at her home; Brindi must be muzzled when she is outside.

Contact info for Judge Murphy if you want to send a thank you:

Judge Alanna Murphy

Dartmouth Provincial Court Administration

277 Pleasant Street

Dartmouth, NS, B2Y3S2 CANADA

Fax: (902) 424-0677

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