So, what’s new this week?

By isak, February 17, 2010

Rebecca offered me this cat bed. I knew my cats would love it. They love anything new… a new cardboard box, newspapers, paper towels, my jacket. I think it took anyone about 10 minutes to notice.

The next morning, there was a line. There were two cats in the bed and one beside it waiting for someone to get out of it. Here’s Olive getting a sun bath one morning recently when we had a cold snap.

This end of the house faces east, so mornings are a very popular time in the bed because of the sun coming in. The cats pile up on a couple of the dog crates to catch the sun. This is Olive and Diego.

And my gorgeous Goose! His real name is Gustafus, thus a cat named Goose. He walked out of the woods one Friday afternoon as a small, skinny kitten. He was talking away. Kind of a “hey, you! I would like to come in and have something to eat.” With that, Lily and LeRoy went running across the front yard at full speed. Goose turned and ran back into the woods. The dogs stopped at the fence line. Goose didn’t realize there was a fence there to stop them. It took me about a half hour to coax Goose out of the woods enough that I could SNATCH him! I eventually got him.

In other news…

The puppy is starting to get his adult teeth! Yeah for that!!! He STILL needs a name. His owners certainly don’t seem to be missing him much yet… sigh. Did I mention that he sleeps in my bed? Took him a couple days to realize THAT was the place to be on a cold night.

So that’s the skinny on my week so far. Loving the simple things. Here’s wishing you simple things, too.


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