Day 11. True Justice

By isak, March 7, 2010

The judge will take a decision on Brindi’s life on Tuesday, March 9 at 9.30 hrs.

She has three options:
1. Ordering the Killing of Brindi.
2. Leaving Brindi at the SPCA forever or rehome her to a third party.
3. Brindi returns home to her owner, Francesca Rogier.

It is our firm belief that the only decision that will serve true justice is the sparing of Brindi’s life and her return to Francesca Rogier.

The killing of Brindi or handing her to a third person would serve nobody’s interests and obviously, Brindi’s even less.

Either of those outcomes will do nothing other than irreparably damage the image of Halifax and destroy Mayor’s Kelly reputation forever in the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people.

It would also cast a serious doubt over the judiciary system of Nova Scotia.

Imparting true justice is a very difficult task and this is why judges are held in such high regard in democratic societies. This authority is not God-given; it is granted by all of us as individuals.

Judges are there to deliver true justice, whether it serves the interest of the minority or the majority, the rich or the poor, the locals or the naturalized citizens or, in this case…

… a dog.

Viktor Larkhill

Let’s Adopt
reprinted from Let’s Adopt! Canada