Buckeye butterfly

How do you bury a butterfly?

By isak, June 21, 2020

As I stepped out on the back stoop last night, something fell to the ground just in front of me landing with a bit of a thud. It was so odd to step out and be almost hit by something falling out of the sky. I looked up and saw nothing.

At first glance at this thing that fell from the sky, I thought it was a small bird. A baby maybe. But as I leaned over to look more closely, I realized it was a pretty good sized butterfly. At about the same time, one of my cats thought that this mystery required a bit of her attention, too. So I immediately stepped in and picked up the butterfly.

A buckeye butterfly maybe? A tad ragged, too.

I walked towards the shed not knowing what to do with this little creature. Was it okay? Why did it fall from the sky? Did it get dropped by a bird? I set it on top of a dog house, but the breeze was too much for the butterfly. It could not maintain it’s balance. That’s when I considered it was maybe dying.

Not knowing what was going on, I placed the butterfly on a piece of cardboard inside the shed. As expected, it died overnight.

So what do I do with it now? How do you bury a butterfly? Or do you bury a butterfly? I just don’t know.

What do you think?

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