Day 5. The reason for Brindi’s Countdown

By isak, March 1, 2010

This post is as much about Brindi as much as it is about human nature.

When we launched our 13 days campaign we had a choice. Explain from the beginning the 19 months of hell Brindi and Francesca have gone through or FOCUS on creating a big wave of awareness and prompt people to action. No. Not a big campaign.. a HUGE ONE!

This type of campaign, if it gets truly big, has the potential to truly change things on the ground.

Human beings respond to emergencies. That is ingrained in our nature.

We, as social animals tend to follow the direction of our community.

Our pack.

This is what Let’s Adopt! is doing through its 13 days Campaign.

Leading the community in one clear and unequivocal direction, the Freeing of Brindi and her return to her loving owner, Francesca Rogier.

If you are going to conduct a campaign, make it big, make it HUGE. It needs to be awe-inspiring, frightening, on deadline and worth losing sleep over.

And loosing sleep is exactly what we have done since we started .. so it is working!.

We have 9 days to Save Brindi.

If you are in Canada please CALL Mayor Peter J. Kelly, Mayor of Halifax on ph: 902-490-4010 and tell him that Brindi must be spared AND returned to her owner.

If you are abroad please email and express the same… We have 9 days.…

For the Animals…
For Brindi…

reprinted from Let’s Adopt! Canada