Day 9. Brindi. The Naked Truth

By isak, March 5, 2010

In five days, Brindi’s owner will go before the judge for sentencing in her case. The city of Halifax wants to euthanize Brindi, having found Francesca Rogier guilty in early February, 2010 of owning a dog that: ran at large, was not muzzled and attacked another dog (along her property line).

Wow! Death for being a dog — and there were no injuries to either dog. The city contends that two previous attacks (also along the property line and also short-lived scuffles) classify Brindi as a “dangerous dog.” Yet in the 586 days they have illegally held Brindi in impoundment, they have never registered her as dangerous or required Francesca to license her as such.

Illegally held? Yes. The Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) cited various reasons and legislative provisions as the grounds and purpose for holding Brindi, none of which could be verified by Rogier’s counsel. Time limits set out in the Summary Proceedings Act are initiated upon the “day of seizure.” The Act states that “nothing shall be detained … for a period of more than three months … or for any longer period that ends when an application made under clause …”. HRM has made no applications.

Let’s Adopt! Canada has created a wonderful campaign to reach out to people with the message that Brindi should be returned to her owner. And the people of Halifax, Canada and around the world are voicing their outrage at this injustice.

We have been given homework to do this weekend: During the weekend speak to at least 10 people in your community about Brindi’s case. Share the facts, spread the absurdity of it all, and ask them to spread the news in their own personal circles. Discuss it with your friends, with the shopkeeper, at the gym, with your mates whilst out drinking… have the truth about Brindi and the Halifax City Government spread like a virus worldwide.

I hope you will join us. Make a phone call, send an email, be heard!

It is time for Brindi to go home and to be reunited with her owner, Francesca Rogier.

If you are in Canada please CALL Mayor Peter J. Kelly, Mayor of Halifax on ph: 902-490-4010 and tell him that Brindi must be spared AND returned to her owner.

If you are abroad please email and express the same… We have 5 days.…

Our sincere thanks to Let’s Adopt! Canada for their generous support.

And remember: “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead