Eating habits….

By isak, December 22, 2008

I feed 10 cats and 32 dogs twice a day every day whether it is hot or cold, light or dark, and whether it is sunny or cloudy or rainy. So I know most everyone’s eating quirks. Goose and Paketa — two of my cats — chase their food around their bowls like small bulldozers, most often pushing some of it over the edges and on to the counter top. They love that dollop of canned food put on top of the dry kibble the most and this is what they are chasing. However, once it goes over the edge of the bowl, it is lost… kind of an “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” thing. At meal’s end, their area is a mess. And while the other cats may come by to see what they left in their bowls, no one eats what has fallen onto the counter top… not even if you tap it with your finger so they see it.

JoJoDogs, that’s a whole other story. One of the funniest is JoJo. She eats some of the kibble from her bowl, then walks all around the bowl picking up any pieces that have fallen outside her bowl. She eats some more, then makes another sweep of the area around her bowl. It is just so important to her that the area around the bowl be clean at all times.

Most of the time, I don’t even notice. It is what it is and it is mostly the same thing every day. Cats are fed first and each has their same spot where they eat… except for the rebel boy, Diego who does not want to eat in his room with his brother, Frankie, and their pal Drew Haden, aka Drewbie. Diego hasn’t figured out where he wants to eat yet… just not in the bedroom. This is a new thing. Then the dogs are fed: the inside dogs, the front porch dogs and then the backyard dogs. But somehow JoJo’s technique sunk in tonight.