Baseline for 2017 Veterinary Costs for Services

By isak, December 10, 2017

It’s sometimes fear of the unknown that keeps us from doing some things. Taking our pets to the vet is no exception. It can be expensive, I know. I’ve been there. Most recently, I spent $4,ooo on diagnostics and a few days of hospitalization for a cat with a diagnosis of renal failure.

Currently, I have a cat who may need to have her eyes removed in a procedure called Enucleation. So I went online to find a ballpark cost to steel myself.

I found a website where the vet, Krista Magnifico, feels “that veterinary medicine is way over due for a little transparency.” She has posted her 2017 Price Guide for various services at her clinic in Jarrettsville, Maryland. They seem similar to what I am seeing here in Texas, so I am posting a link to her page. I want people to be more informed about what to expect. Perhaps with a better expectation we can make better decisions. Per Dr. Magnifico,

Our clients are becoming more invested in their pets care and significantly more interested in veterinary medicine. Why then aren’t we open about fees? I think every vet should be transparent. I also firmly believe it will save more lives.

How refreshing, eh? Thank you, Dr. Magnifico.

Keep in mind that these are prices for individual services and often more than one service is required to solve your pet’s issue. For example, a blood test may be required before a specific procedure in started. Then there may be the cost of meds which in some cases can be purchased at a local pharmacy like Walgreens or Walmart, etc. for less.

All that said, in most cases you know your pet better than your vet, so be specific and precise in your description of symptoms you are seeing when you visit your vet. Sometimes your gut is right. Vets are humans and can miss something you may hold the key to, so tell them everything you know about a problem you are seeing.

What do you think?

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