A Shout out to Dr. Neil Shaw

By isak, February 13, 2009

Did you watch Ellen DeGeneres yesterday? She had a Florida vet on — Dr. Neil Shaw — who has given away more than $2 million in animal care and services to owners in need. He sees a need and steps up. I am not sure I can even find the words to aptly express my awe and respect. “WOW!” comes immediately to mind, but beyond that, I am speechless and even kind of tearful. I wish there were so many more like him… and maybe even one close by me.

Kudos, Dr. Shaw! You are such a great example!


  1. isak says:

    You are breaking my heart because I want to believe there is someone in the world like this. Matter of fact, I would like to hear that this kind of person is replicating all over the place and we all know of such a person in our community. Lord knows I could use a quality vet with low costs.

  2. Sally Daw says:

    Oh puhhhlease. We’re being played and he’s snowing everybody. I know him – he doesn’t care about the animals – he cares about the money they can generate. Come on Ellen – do your homework! His rates are crazy inflated and he really isn’t at all about the pets – just all about the free publicity and the money. This guy isn’t a hero – he’s just in it for the money and has a great publicist. I’m sure he thinks we’re all suckers.

What do you think?

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