Is Fruit Safe For Dogs?

Can Your Dog Safely Eat These Fruits?

By isak, October 29, 2015

Did you know that many of the fruits you eat can also be given as treats to your dog? Just cut it up into pea-sized pieces for a healthy, low-calorie snack.

Fruit Safe For Dogs


  1. Connie says:

    Is a low dose regular cranberry gummy beneficial for dogs.

    • isak says:

      Check the ingredients. You want to avoid sugars as they can increase the possibility of the problem you are trying to avoid. Without sugar and in moderation, cranberry supplements may be okay.

      It’s believed that cranberry prevents bacteria from attaching itself to the walls of the urinary tract and thus allows it to flush through the system. However, consistent use could affect the pH of your dog’s urine which could cause other problems. There are test strips you can use to test the pH of your dog’s urine. Feeding large amounts of cranberries to dogs can lead to the development of calcium oxalate stones in their bladders. Just be mindful.

  2. stan says:

    can my dog eat blueberry yogurt and will giving my dog glucosamine,chonroitin
    affect my dog

    • isak says:

      Flavored yogurts generally have too much sugar in them to be helpful to your dog. The extra sugar can create an imbalance that could lead to a yeast infection. Plain yogurt — no flavors — is okay.

      Glucosamine and chondroitin promote healthy cartilage in joints and are used for the treatment of arthritis, including hip dysplasia, in dogs.

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