Do Not Use Dog Products and Meds on Cats (and vice versa)

By isak, April 8, 2009

I know there are many products out there for dogs that can be toxic to cats including flea products, medicines and sprays… so always ask your vet or read the label thoroughly, then call your vet. To drive the point home is a heartbreaking story from a woman who lost several rescued cats to flea medication toxicity. Wow, that’s a hard lesson.

While this woman takes about a specific product, the potential is there for other similar products as well.

With regards to flea medications, you have to wonder about a product that is meant to be applied to the animal’s skin when the warning on the container says to not get it on YOUR skin. Or the products that “should not be used in animals meant for food.”

It all scares me very much.

Got fleas? Try diatomaceous earth (don’t inhale the dust) for their beds and nematodes for the yard. Need to kill fleas quickly on your pet? Try Capstar tablets.

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  1. mike says:

    Another point to bring up:

    Don’t let dogs or cats lick each other if recently applied repellents to their coat(s)

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