Dog of woman killed in car crash found

By isak, April 17, 2009

By Clayton Norlen
Deseret News
Published: Friday, April 17, 2009 10:28 a.m. MDT

Neo, a Siberian husky that survived a car crash that killed its owner, was found Thursday after spending almost two weeks in areas surrounding Snowville.

Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Lee Perry said it took a consolidated effort from dog lovers and the residents of Snowville to locate Neo and their persistence brought him home.

On April 4, 47-year-old Joyce Moore of Kelso, Wash., was killed when police say she lost control of her car on I-84 near Snowville and crashed. Officials say that Neo stayed at his owner’s side but ran off when an ambulance arrived.

Perry said that since Neo disappeared people had seen him roaming the area, but had been unable to get close enough to check the dog’s identity. On Thursday, a farmhand working on a ranch near Snowville opened the door of a tool shed to get wire for a project and found a dog. The farmhand recognized Neo and closed the door. He began walking towards state Road 30 where he met Parry Nelson, a resident of Ogden, who was also searching for Neo.

Perry said Nelson and the farmhand returned to the shed and were able to identify Neo by the tags on the dog’s collars. The then notified the UHP.

Thursday night Neo was en route to Haley, Idaho, where he will wait to be picked up by Moore’s sister Denorah Moore.

“This is a cool story,” Perry said. “It is a good day for UHP, the Moore’s and Joyce’s son, Wells, knowing Neo is OK.”

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