Enough already.

By isak, January 24, 2009

The first Monday of the month, the vet gave Lily just days to live — her cancer was spreading. I put her to sleep that Friday. Three days later, on the second Monday of the month, my Dad passed away. On the third Monday (a few days ago), I got laid off from work. There… now you are up to date.

To read that still seems like it is happening to someone else in which case I am inclined to quip that it sounds more like a country song than real life. How else could so much sadness occur in so short a time?

A couple friends have offered that “from adversity rises triumph.” I sure hope so. But one of them picks up sticks from anywhere they are to heat a living room wood stove and the other recycles paper towels. Which begs the question, just how long do you have to wait for triumph? I don’t have a lot of time… I have kids to feed.

I pondered moving back to Delaware to be closer to my Mom and my little brother. I searched for property on the internet big enough for me and the kids, located someone who might help me transport the kids the 25 hours it would take to drive there and looked into steel buildings and pre-fab homes. I had a plan started. I needed to get out of Texas while I still had some money.

In the middle of the night, I woke up and realized that in this economic market and being unemployed, I was not likely to get a home loan so this could happen. Back to square one.

I am going to develop a website called “will work for dog food dot org” and hopefully sell some greeting cards and maybe pick up some design/graphic work for the dog food of it. I currently go through about 1,000 lbs. of dog food a month (250 lbs/week). I will accept PayPal and PetsMart gift cards.

Just as the website name says, I WILL WORK FOR DOG FOOD. And cat food, too.

Here are a few mugs I feed.


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