Grey Muzzle Helps Keep Old Dogs with Their Owners; Beloved Author Lends Support

By isak, August 3, 2009

Snoopy is available for adoption from Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter in Mt. Juliet, TN.[slider title=”Meet Snoopy “]Snoopy, the dog in the photo on the left, is available for adoption from Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter in Mt. Juliet, TN as of the date of this post.[/slider]Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) July 28, 2009 — The Grey Muzzle Organization, a non-profit group dedicated to helping at-risk senior dogs, and Harold Creel, author of Do Old Dogs Dream?, have teamed up to strengthen and expand the group’s mission through the sale of Creel’s book.

Since last September, Grey Muzzle has made 19 grants for senior dog programs in 12 states. Three of the most recent grants fund community programs in Virginia and North Carolina that provide food and medical services for older dogs whose owners have been impacted by the economic downturn. The organization hopes to raise additional money to expand these grants to more states by the end of the year.

“When I first learned of the extraordinary work of Grey Muzzle, I wanted to offer my support,” said Creel. “My book is about the love, strength, and determination of older dogs as they age with us and our families. Through the sale of my book via Grey Muzzle, 100 percent of the proceeds will go to Grey Muzzle’s efforts to save older dogs from being turned over to shelters or abandoned in these challenging economic times.”

Julie Nowicki, president of The Grey Muzzle Organization, explains, “One of our most important goals this year is to help low-income owners, especially our senior citizens, keep their old dogs despite financial instability by assisting them with veterinary care, food and supplies for their much-loved senior dogs. Research shows that pets enrich our quality of life, physically and emotionally. For example, old dogs make calm, affectionate companions for the elderly, while they keep each other active and engaged. Unfortunately, almost all of the animal shelters and rescue organizations that we work with have seen a big increase in the number of senior dogs turned in since last fall.”

As the owner, nurse, chef, and chauffer of a 14-year-old yellow Lab named Chester, Creel developed a particular affection and respect for old dogs. Knowing that Chester’s remaining days were limited he began writing about him. As he shared Chester’s story with others, people responded with incredible tales of struggles and triumphs of their own dogs. After interviewing scores of old dogs, Creel chose eight (in addition to Chester) to include in his book of poems, photography and sketches, Do Old Dogs Dream?

Do Old Dogs Dream?All nine dogs featured in the book were dearly loved but, unfortunately, that is not the case with so many senior dogs. That’s why Creel is giving all profits from the sale of his book to the rescue and care of old dogs. It is his hope that they, too, will not only dream of a life of comfort and love, but actually live such a life in their golden years.

Nowicki responds, “This book is such a beautiful tribute to the value of old dogs, and the bond they share with people. We’re very grateful that Mr. Creel has chosen to use the proceeds of his book to support old dogs and their owners, who would otherwise be separated at the time when they need each other most.”

“I am honored that the book has been endorsed by the national associations of the Humane Society of United States and ASPCA,” states Creel. “Working together with The Grey Muzzle Organization, we can help raise awareness of the great qualities the older dog offers as a devoted, wise, and loyal companion. It is certainly my dream that senior dogs stay with the families who have loved and cherished them throughout their lives.”

Do Old Dogs Dream? is available at for $19.95. All book sale proceeds support Grey Muzzle’s grants to keep senior dogs with their owners.

About The Grey Muzzle Organization
The Grey Muzzle Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Grey Muzzle improves the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal shelters, rescue organizations, sanctuaries, and other non-profit groups nationwide.
Snoopy, the dog in the top photo, is available for adoption from Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter in Mt. Juliet, TN as of the date of this post.


  1. Melba Tarlton says:

    I am with a cat rescue group near Charlotte, NC. I somehow acquired this dog along with 3 cats, as a result of foreclosure. I have tried and tried and cannot find placement for her. Can you help? I have multiple photos.

    ABBY is a sweet ole gal of about 12 years old. She has short hair and she is a Terrier/Shepherd mix. She is a very sweet little female, and a very loving and wonderful companion. Abby weighs around 38 lbs. and has clean brown/black fur.
    Abby’s people lost their home due to foreclosure and loss of jobs. They had to give up Abby and her 3 cat companions. Abby has been moved around a lot during the last couple months. She is very sweet and loving, but is confused about what is going on. Abby has been to the vet, is negative on heartworms and is spayed and had a dental cleaning. She is current on all shots and even had a complete blood panel which was excellent. She spent her first night in her new and wonderful foster home last night. In bed with them! She is feeling better today and will gain confidence every day as we search for her forever home.
    Can you provide a great home to Abby? She’s a great girl! Permission to crosspost is welcomed. If you are interested in meeting Abby please contact:

    Melba Tarlton – 704-589-1505
    Charlotte, NC

  2. Jane Fulton says:

    Thank you for the information on GreyMuzzle. I will be featuring senior dogs for the upcoming week and the information is helpful.

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