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By isak, March 26, 2009

When I was a teenager in the 70s, there was a full page ad in the newspaper showing the face of a baby seal. The text below the photo talked about the slaughter of baby seals. My folks brought a bunch of my old boxes when they came to visit a couple years ago. In one box was this ad.

And now, 30-some years later, we are back where we started — slaughtering seals by the thousands. I received this email from the Humane Society of the Unites States. It is the third one in three days updating the situation. I share it here with you in case you have not received it or do not know the situation: This year the Canadian government will allow commercial sealers to slaughter 280,000 seals for their fur. Almost all of them will probably be babies as young as 12 days old.

After the sealing vessels left yesterday, we landed on the ice to document the aftermath. We passed one pup who had crawled into a small cave formed by ice. He hid his head as we approached, clearly terrified. I tried to talk softly to him, to let him know that it would be okay. But he just lay there, hiding his head.

This 3-week-old seal pup had just seen hundreds of others beaten to death in front of him. To him, people now mean clubs and violence and pain.

Please, help save seals from the clubs of sealers: Make an emergency donation today.

It took less than three days for sealers to slaughter 19,200 seal pups. The ProtectSeals team was there to document as they killed virtually every seal in sight — just to produce fur coats that no one needs.

Tomorrow, the killing starts again, and the team is readying to fly to the remote area where this next phase will occur. Please be a part of our team. Please help sustain our work on the ice to save these seals.

We need to show the world that the carnage is worse than ever — and that despite the Canadian government’s promises, the hunt is as cruel and merciless as ever.

Thank you for standing with us. Having so many of you behind us at home makes all the difference.

Rebecca Aldworth
Director of Canadian Wildlife Issues
The Humane Society of the United States


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