Help Us FREE Brindi!

By isak, July 7, 2009

FREE Brindi! You can help.They say you have to walk in someone’s shoes to understand what they feel. But sometimes, all you have to do is look down the path they have walked to understand enough to stand with them. These days, we seem to be given few options BUT to stand with Francesca Rogier as she continues her journey to her dog’s freedom.

Brindi was seized by animal control almost a year ago — July 2008 — after an incident with a dog walking in front of her property. She was sentenced to be euthanized. With no other options available, Francesca sued the city to halt the order of euthanasia. The seizure and the order of euthanasia was quashed in January, 2009. Brindi was a free dog!

But at the very last moment per the statute of limitations, Brindi was incredibly charged for prior incidents. Incidents for which she had not been charged at the time they occurred. Pure chickenshit, Halifax! A pissing contest for Animal Control who seems determine to kill Brindi — and if euthanasia won’t work, maybe they can bury her in legal proceedings that will run on for years, needlessly draining funds for both sides and with luck, Brindi dies of old age in the shelter.

C’mon… when did Animal Control become defenders of all things right? In that capacity, they fail miserably as dogs that have incurred much worse acts walk free — and in some cases, loose; some have repeated their bad offenses and still walk free. FREE Brindi!

Francesca and BrindiAs the situation generates worldwide attention from angry pet owners and pet rescue groups, a few people in Halifax slowly change their story. Now they say that Brindi is a good dog and Francesca is a bad pet owner. They are pressing Francesca to re-home her dog to someone else; even starting a petition to that affect. The bad behavior of a few in Halifax just seems to grow like a cancer. Where were these people during the 2 years Brindi lived at the shelter before being adopted by Francesca?

But lest you think it’s Francesca and Brindi against Halifax, know there are many in the area that support her cause.

Simply, this is injustice and it needs to be straightened out very soon. Brindi needs to be released to her mom, Francesca Rogier.

You can help. There are several ways:

  • If you have the means, please make a monetary donation to Brindi’s legal defense fund.
  • Send a free email postcard to your friends and family asking them to support Brindi.
  • Donate an item to Brindi’s auction site.
  • Sign the petition
  • Contact —
  • Comment/share the YouTube video just created
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Every little bit everyone does adds up to a lot of good. Please help us FREE Brindi!
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