Homeless Dogs in Kiev

By isak, June 10, 2009


This lady is probably the only one who cares about the lost dogs on the streets of Kiev. She has a small flat but doesn’t live there because she does not have room for all the 70+ dogs she picked up on the streets. Instead, she lives in an abandoned house with all her dogs and a few homeless people. There is no electricity or heating system in this house, but it’s big enough for all the dogs. So she decided to live there. Only rarely does she visit her flat for a rare shower.

Every weekend, she visits the Kiev downtown to collect money for the needs of the dogs and the homeless people that live with her. She dreams that someday she’ll find somebody wealthy who will understand her needs and donate enough for her to get the electricity turned on in the house and to buy enough food.

photos by Evgen Kriksunov

More photos here.


  1. Tony says:

    Is she adopting out any of the dogs?


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