Humane Society of Indianapolis starts Pet Food Pantry

By isak, June 10, 2009

ChloeWhen times are tough, people begin to cut back on non-necessities. For some people this includes their pets. Pet care is not inexpensive and the costs can stress an already overburdened family. If the choice is dog food or baby formula, the dog is going to be the one to lose. These animals are then either dumped on the streets or taken to already over-crowded shelters. Since there are already so many animals in shelters, it may take that animal some time to get adopted. While the pet is waiting in the shelter, he may be exposed to illnesses from other pets or may become very stressed from the environment. When these things happen and the pet needs time to recover, it just delays his trip to his new home that much longer.

The Humane Society of Indianapolis has decided to try to stop these animals from ever having to leave their homes. They have started a new pet pantry to aid people that are having financial difficulties. This program will help the pet’s owner provide food for his pet rather than having to surrender it. You can drop off canned or bagged food for cats or dogs at the Humane Society. Their address is 7929 Michigan Rd in Indianapolis. You can also drop off monetary donations or donate online. If that is not convenient, you can drop off donations at any of the area Pet Supplies Plus stores. Donate to the Pet Pantry this month at Pet Supplies Plus and receive a coupon for a free dog wash.

Please support the Pet Pantry and Pet Supplies Plus. Next time you’re picking up pet food for yourself, pick up an extra bag for the pantry. The Sunday paper usually has coupons for dog and cat food and treats so you can save yourself some money. It may not be the same food that your pet eats but it’s better than being surrendered or left to fend for yourself. If you find yourself needing some food assistance for your pets, please contact the Humane Society.

For more info on Chloe, click here. She’s been waiting a long time for her new home. She does have some special health needs but is very loving and needs a home.
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  1. Kelly Whiteley says:

    I am a single mom of 2. I have also have opened my home to 2 teens in need of a loving home. So that’s a family of 5 including myself. We have 3 cats a dog and a ferret. All on 1 income. So times are very tough. I was wondering how I could go about getting pet supplies. Such as food and litter. We would also need bedding for our ferret. Thank you

    • isak says:

      What a great mom you are for opening your heart and your home.

      I’m not sure where you are located, but here are some suggestions. Check with your local rescue groups. They may not be able to give you food and bedding, but they may have suggestions. Same for your local shelter, if you have one. Food banks also carry pet supplies these days. Stores that carry pet supplies may give you their damaged goods. They don’t return these products and generally throw them away. Or maybe donate them. So check with them, too.

      I hope this helps.

  2. lupita says:

    This is sad because this place is to help people in need . Fido should have a way to file complaints to the president of Fido i am sure they would have compassion. They should find a better class of people to work there.

    • isak says:

      This is very sad for just the reason you stated: these people are there to help. It’s not supposed to be so hard to get help. I am sorry. Perhaps you can write what happened in a letter to the head of the organization — hopefully she is NOT the head — and ask how you can get the help you need.

  3. lupita says:

    I just came from the food pantry on 456 holmes st. I took my paper work proving my dogs are fixed and i was tefused by jessica because she said first that i broke a contract which i never signed i told her show me that paper and she said that oh i have to look for it. Then she said my husband threatend her which is a flat out lie she said i have it on video i told her let me see it then she said well i have to see if i can find it. I told her if she felt threatened she should have called the police mind you that was back in Febuary

    supposedly. Then she told me she was going to call the police on me i said why i didnt do anything wrong.

  4. lupita says:

    My husband and i went for help and jessica the director there gave my husband and i a hard time and told me that if i dont get rid of my two puppies she would not help me with my two big dogs which by the way are the parents to the puppies. Then she said “I am not waisting $50.00 of my gas money to feed your dogs thats how much it costs me out of pocket to pick up the food”. She knows we are
    disabled my husband showed proof of our income from disability. We even filled out the application to volunteer to show our gratitude she said we could then she said no till we nuter our dog and give up our puppies.I talked to , two women one named jeni by e- mail and kristen by telephone , they both said Jessica can do whatever she wants there. Wow i guess you can pick and choose when it comes to helping even when someone is willing to help back in return. I guess they dont believe in any kind of compation . Like Jessica said ” dont tell anyone about this place cause i have five of my own animals and i take home food for them” wow she has a job and gets the luxury of taking home free food.

    • isak says:

      I am so sorry to hear about your experience at the pet food bank. It’s incredible how hard “help” is to come by sometimes. Some food banks for people are starting to stock pet food. Are there any near you that you can check?

      • lupita says:

        This one was just one block from me it was perfect. Now i guess i will have to pray for something else . I am a very religious person amd God has taught me to forgive people like that and i do. I will pray for them. God is our ultimate judge.

  5. unknown says:

    If you go and get food they wont try and take your anaimals because of having trobles feeeding them i love my babies to much to lose them and spend every dime we can on food and treats and kitty litter,
    we have 5 dogs and 2 cats
    sound like alot but they are our children.
    a pet owner in need

    • isak says:

      Some pantries have a limit on how much food you can get from them each month. It’s their way of making sure they help as many people as they can. They are there to help you and not to take your pets from you, however be careful with what you say. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

  6. Lance says:

    How often may a person visit the pantry for pet food? I have 2 pets I love and I have money troubles with the hard times that we face, and I want to make sure my pets don’t have to do without. Also, how much during any visit is any person allowed to get and what days and hours are these pantries run? Please let me know something soon. Thanks

    • isak says:

      I tried to email you, but the email bounced. Hopefully, you will find this message:

      Each pantry has it’s own rules and often the specifics are based on your pets — size, etc. It may be that you can go once a month, but they usually try to provide as much as you will need or something close to it until you can come again.

      Google food pantries in your specific area as new ones are always popping up. Even in unusual places, like GoodWill stores and pet boutiques.

      Best to you and your babies!

  7. Lisa Bowe says:

    I live in Chesterton IN, I am a single mom of a speical needs boy. And like everyone knows, times are hard. I have three cats and a dog, my son adores them. I was wondering if there are any Pet food pantries in the Porter County Indiana area? Please let me know thank you so much

  8. Pet Meds says:

    I have your site bookmarked and your feed link saved. I should be good to go now.

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