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By isak, December 29, 2009

  • Iowa — Cedar Rapids

    Cedar Rapids AniMeals
    PO Box 11195
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52410-1195
    Phone: 319-365-6201

    Cedar Rapids AniMeals is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation operated entirely by volunteers who provides food for the pets of Cedar Rapids-area elderly, disabled, and others in need – a “Meals on Wheels” program for pets. For many elderly and shut-ins, pets can be sole companions and best friends and are critical to maintaining a good quality of life.

    Cedar Rapids AniMeals, a volunteer based nonprofit organization, provides food and spay/neuter assistance for pets of the elderly, disabled and families in need, helping them keep their companion, which greatly improves the quality of life for both.

  • Iowa — Sioux City area

    “The winter weather makes difficult times seem even harder for struggling families. That’s why the Food Bank of Siouxland is hoping to lend a helping hand by gathering donations that help Siouxland’s four-legged family members.”

    Food Bank of Siouxland
    1313 – 11th Street
    Sioux City, IA 51105
    Phone: (712)255-9741
    Fax: (712)255-3116

    The Food Bank strives to be responsive to the needs of its agencies, donors and volunteers.We were established to provide a year-round source of food to these organizations. Today our outreach includes fourteen counties in the tri-state area.

    Please join Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue, a nonprofit pet rescue organization dedicated to the health and welfare of companion animals in Siouxland, and the Food Bank of Siouxland for the first annual pet food drive from November 20, 2009 to December 20, 2009. There is a tremendous and immediate need for both cat and dog food in hundreds of homes throughout Siouxland. Your donation will help keep furry family members healthy and in their warm, loving homes instead of being surrendered to area shelters.

    Any size, dry or canned, cat or dog food can be dropped off at PetSmart, located at the Lakeport Commons, both Bomgaars locations, all Fareway stores, The Train Depot, the STARS Barn, Sioux City Physical Therapy, Hinton Community School, Woodbury Central School of Moville and the Moville Public Library, and Bed and Biscuit Doggy Daycare.

    All donated pet food will be distributed through the Food Bank of Siouxland, and their agency food pantries and feeding programs to qualified individuals and families. The Food Bank of Siouxland is a nonprofit organization that distributes food to nearly 200 charitable agencies in a 14-county, tri-state area. Agencies served include emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, senior centers, homeless and domestic violence shelters, day care facilities, nursing homes, and community homes for the disabled.

    If you have any “furr”ther questions, please call Beth Storm of Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue at 253-4099 or 259-6959.


    List of Food Pantries served by Food Bank of Siouxland-one is located in Dakota City, Nebraska-the rest are in Sioux City.

  • Quad City — Davenport

    Homeless Shelter Offering Food For Pets

    “A Davenport ministry is now providing food for pets as well as for people. King’s Harvest serves meals to the poor and homeless several times a week, and starting Friday, it will also hand out pet food to those in need.

    “The shelter says they have had a lot of requests for “doggie bags” recently, and that literally means take-away containers for dogs. Volunteers also say Quad City animal shelters are full and they hope to keep more animals from being abandoned.

    “One client at King’s Harvest says hard times are also hard on pets. “There’s a lot of people displaced at the moment and have pets in their vehicles along with their children and themselves.”

    “Director Terri Gleize says people in a tough spot shouldn’t have to make such difficult decisions. “I know they are going through really hard times and no one wants to give up something they love even in hard times.”

    “King’s Harvest clients can come get pet food once a month. The first shipment of food is being donated by Purina. Donations from the community are also being accepted at King’s Harvest on West 3rd Street in Davenport.”

    Update — Quad Cities Times October 11, 2009

    “Terri Gleize, the director of King’s Harvest, never thought the mission of the ministry that aids impoverished people in the Quad-Cities would expand to helping homeless people with pets.

    “But she noticed the need for such a program when several people with pets in tow came to an overflow homeless shelter that King’s Harvest operated this past winter.

    “”I’ve always been a big animal person, so my heart goes out for people,” Gleize said. “I don’t want anyone to lose their pet if they’re going through a hard time. It would be horrible to lose something that you really love.”

    “King’s Harvest has a few foster homes available to provide temporary housing for pets, but it is looking for more. The ministry also provides dog and cat food to people who visit its food bank, and it operates a rescue center for cats.

    “We’re seeing a whole different crowd of people coming in,” Gleize said. “It’s a whole lot of people maybe in their late 20s with kids who have lost their house and are moving into apartments that won’t take pets.”

    “King’s Harvest is out of dog food at present and in need of donations of 15- to 20-pound bags. Canned cat food also is in high demand. Donations can be dropped off from noon to 1 p.m. Wednesdays and Fridays and 9-10 a.m. on Saturdays at 824 W. 3rd St., Davenport. Monetary donations can be sent to 5837 Wisconsin Ave., Davenport, IA 52806.”

  • Iowa — Clive

    The Pet Project Midwest
    2200 NW 159th Street
    Ste. 400, PMB 310
    Clive, IA 50325
    877/570-PETS (7387)

    Des Moines Register December 19, 2009

    “A group of metro-area pet lovers has teamed up to create a food pantry for animals in need.

    “Pet Project Midwest, based in Clive, has a food and supply drive under way through the remainder of the year. Anyone who drops off pet food or items such as leashes, pet beds, toys or other necessities at Boesen the Florist, 3422 Beaver Ave., will receive a long-stemmed rose. Items, including basic medicines, are donated to families in need. The goal is to reduce the number of animals surrendered to shelters.

    For details on donating, call (877) 570-7387 or e-mail

    A loved pet should never lose his or her home just because money is tight. This program provides pet food and supplies to families experiencing financial difficulties, thereby reducing the number of animals surrendered to shelters.

  • Iowa — Oskaloosa-Mahaska County

    Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter
    2299 235th Street
    Oskaloosa, IA 52577
    Phone: 641-673-3991


    “Spay the County” program for Mahaska County residents offers free spay and neuter for those meeting income guidelines. Call for information.


  1. Leanne Hildreth says:

    Is there a Pet Food Pantry in Grinnell ,Iowa?

  2. Dana Larsen says:

    My sister and I run a pet food pantry out of our primary business, The Anita Tribune, a small town community newspaper in Anita, Iowa. Could we get added to your list? Also – we are in dire need of donations right now. Any suggestions?

    • isak says:

      Yes, we will gladly add you to our list. Can you send me more info: contact info (phone, email), address, website (if you have one), social media links (if you have them), hours, etc. Anything so people can reach you.

      As for donations: if you have a Facebook page, create a post asking for donations, then share that post on other Facebook pages & groups that are in your area. Start from your immediate area and work outward.

  3. Janet says:

    Just asking. Is there a pet pantry. In 50311 .

  4. Mrs Saltzman says:

    Looking for assistance with pet food in Marion county.I have 2 dogs (13&11)..and 2 cats (16&2).My dogs are large and very large breeds. My husband & I are both disabled but live off only 1 income at this time…my lawyer is still fighting for mine.Any help would be appreciated…with age & weather brings more vet bills and meds required also!!.(flea,heartworm,&allergy meds +anti-inflammatory)And they all have never had their teeth even checked..I know they’re bad too!But they are my furbabies and they come first!!??We do what we must to care for THEM first and other things need $ too like our house in disrepair ?

    • isak says:

      I’m sorry for your struggles. I certainly understand how THEY come first.

      Have you checked with your local food banks? Many of them have started to provide pet food. You might also call some of your local pet rescue groups and see if they have any suggestions. Being in your area, they may know something that will help you.

      There is an online store called Sierra Pet Meds where I purchase Revolution for my pets. They sell a “supply kit” where you can buy a larger volume of the product for less money and dose it down to use it on your cats. You may have to add a little extra to the regular dose for your very large dog. Revolution protects from heart worms and fleas, prevents ear mites, controls ticks. It works on both cats and dogs.

      Hugs to your furbabies!

  5. DENISE.k Kelsey says:

    How can I find out if you could help m how can I find out if you could help but I have t how can I find out if you could help me I have 2 dogs and got him for surgery and have no missed call how can I find out if you can help me I have

  6. Tessa Ramirez says:

    Is there a “meals on wheels for pets” in the qc area? Id like to donate n volunteer to deliver.

    • isak says:

      You might call your local Meals on Wheels chapter. They can best answer your question. It would be a great thing to do.

  7. Michelle D.Rarick says:

    Does anyone know how I could get help with dental care for my cat? He is a therapy cat and I worry about his health, because bad teeth can lead to heart disease. I would be lost without him. Also I know at times he is just miserable.


    • isak says:

      Some vet clinics will offer a discount if you ask for it. Seems that would be especially the case for a therapy companion. February is generally dental health month, so that may help as well. Also check with some of your local rescue groups to see if they have any tips for you. If he has dental issues, they can create other issues. For instance, if he has an infected tooth, the bacteria from that tooth can travel to other organs and cause problems.

  8. Melissa Gerber says:

    These services are sorely needed. People don’t realize how important pets are for mental and emotional support. They don’t understand that pets are part of the caregiver’s family, never ‘just animals’.

  9. Sunny Blackmore says:

    Is there a pet pantry in Ft. dodge???? Needing cat scratch…litter badly!!! Too far til payday! Help! 785-955-0935

    • isak says:

      Many food pantries have extended their products to include pet food and kitty litter. Contact your local food banks/pantries and see if they can help you. Best to you.

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