Kitty Cat Goes Pew Pew Pew

By isak, June 2, 2009

b861_cat_play_house_comboFrom Think Geek ~$25 each.

You always hear about the firehouse dalmatian who gets to ride along in the engine. And Snoopy gets to play the World War I fighter ace against the Red Baron. We think it’s about time the felines got some of their own vehicular activities. Introducing the Cat Play Fire Engine, Plane, and Tank. If you’re thinking that your cats ain’t gonna go near any of those objects in the real world, you’re right, but they will go near cute models of those objects made out of the downy comforter of the cat world — cardboard! Cardboard’s mostly for sitting on and sleeping in, but it multitasks for shredding and gnawing on. And, if your cat’s fond of the latter, you’ll be glad to know that the ink is certified as non-toxic. So eat away, crazy kitteh!

Each of these vehicle playsets comes flat-packed with Ikeaesque instructions. Putting them together requires five minutes and opposable thumbs. When you’re done, though, you’ll have the ultimate kitty hideout. The tank’s turret and gun move. The propeller on the airplane spins, and the ladder extends on the fire truck. Don’t be surprised, though. if you find your cat attempting to head for the closest drive thru for a cheeseburger.

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