Saving Brindi: My baby girl

By isak, April 4, 2010

“It’s common among animal lovers to think of themselves and others as parents to their pets. I don’t have children; [but] I do call Brindi my baby girl… most of the time, I think of my animals as companions and adults in their own right. Brindi was already four when I adopted her and after a period of clingy-ness she soon gained confidence to become who she is… “

“The idea of being a mother to your pets does make sense in some ways; we care for our animals, nurture them, love them, teach them how to behave, take them with us on our journey through life. They never leave home of course, unless they are taken by illness or get lost or as in Brindi’s case… just taken.” [May 2009]

Francesca makes her pre-sentencing statement before the judge on April 16, 2010.

Please call and/or email the contacts below.

Do it often and do it regularly.

Kindly ask them to correct this iniquity and return Brindi to her owner, Francesca Rogier.

Mayor – Pete Kelly,
Phone: 902-490-4010

Head of Legal – Mary Ellen Donovan
Phone: 902-490-4232

Chief Administrative Officer – Dan English

Superintendent – Bill Moore

Ciao, Holly