Saving Brindi: “……until she is back home”

By isak, April 2, 2010

All I know is, I love my dog more than anybody on the planet. There is nobody who will take better care of her or work harder to keep her safe and sound, with all the necessary aids and precautions.”

When people tell me how much they love Brindi, I think that’s really great, because it reassures me that even behind bars, she is being her wonderful, beautiful, smart, attentive, fun, eager to learn, and above all, loving self. Even behind bars, all of that comes through; she is weary, she is lonely, she needs more exercise, her teeth and coat need attention, and Lord knows she needs to come home -but she has not gone crazy, she has not become vicious. Not this dog, people!”

“And it gives me a bit of hope. Who in their right mind could kill a dog like Brindi?

My hope is that maybe, just maybe, people who say they love Brindi will put themselves in my shoes for just a moment. A fraction of a moment. Any amount of time, no matter how brief, would be enough for them to know one thing for certain: nobody loves Brindi as much as I do. And then they would understand exactly why I say that I am not going to stop until she is back home, safe and sound.” [May 2009]

Good news: permission from the authorities to see Brindi 30 minutes a week, noontime Wednesdays. Two visits so far since January. Unlike back then, this time we were allowed to be inside the building, since it was cold and rainy that day… .” [Note: These are the first two visits Francesca has been “permitted” since Brindi was seized in July 2008.]

I can’t helping thinking that Brindi has easily served ten times more time behind bars than even the worst animal abuser. My time has been much like prison; I certainly have not been living a real life. Knowing your dog is literally on death row makes that kind of impossible.” [May 2009]

[Note: Today’s post is taken from Francesca’s blog, Free Brindi. The text comes from May 2009, roughly halfway between today and where this ordeal began in late July 2008. It’s but a small part of her story as told in her own words.]

Francesca makes her pre-sentencing statement before the judge on April 16, 2010.
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Please call and/or email the contacts below.

Do it often and do it regularly.

Ask them to correct this iniquity and return Brindi to her owner, Francesca Rogier.

Mayor – Pete Kelly,
Phone: 902-490-4010

Head of Legal – Mary Ellen Donovan
Phone: 902-490-4232

Chief Administrative Officer – Dan English

Superintendent – Bill Moore

Ciao, Holly