Saving Brindi: Because I can

By isak, April 2, 2010


Because the morning afforded it, I spent a little extra time in bed this morning snuggling with Ike and Maude, two of my rescued dogs.

They aren’t anything special. They were born in the woods to a dog who had been dumped on the side of the road. They will likely live their whole lives and pass meaning very little to anyone… except me.

But with thoughts of Brindi in my head, our morning snuggle took on a new perspective.

What if someone took them away from me? What if I was not even allowed to visit them?

I recall Francesca’s words from her blog where she describes some of the images she keeps in her head of her beloved Brindi:

“Random images. The look of joy – Lebensfreude – on a turned-up snoot, big brown eyes rolling up at [me], exquisite pleasure voiced in low grunts in being readied to go outside for any reason at all, but especially, for a nice long walk in the tall grasses. Even better, a towel rub-down after she comes back from a walk soaking wet, which is about 30-40% of the time. I stretch the ends of the towel and rub it perpendicular to her back, from neck to tail. Efficient method. Also makes one happy just to see how happy it makes her. Going to the car, trotting expectantly, looking back for instructions every other step. Sitting upright there. Or, moving through the yard with me, never more than one inch from my left leg, anticipating the route, hoping for the words ‘cross the street.’ Her visible bodily struggle to maintain self-control against sheer glee. Watching her wriggle on her back as soon as we hit the lushest, deep green grasses on the slope, sometimes managing a bit of a slide, always getting really into it, legs in the air, body winding back and forth like a snake. This dog knows how to enjoy a real life and make every simple joy and basic need fulfillment a truly great experience. Ears prick straight up at a sound, a word from me. Snuggle at a moment’s notice.” [August 2008]

What would I do if this was taken away from me? Would I put my life on hold to save the life of my closest companion? Invest all my savings to take a stand against a bad by-law?

But it’s “just a dog.” Just a dog?

“Well, all I can say in response is, ‘It is death, you know. Senseless, needless killing that we are talking about.’ Just because she’s a dog does not make it okay for a city to kill her, when a fence and training will take care of the problem. It is not okay to kill. Brindi is a dog… I love her. She hears, smells, and loves me better than any human I know. She is irreplaceable. I will not simply go to the SPCA and ‘get another one,’ as one of the other dog owners suggested.

“It is simply wrong to kill this dog. I cannot let something this wrong happen to an animal in my care. And I have to ask: with all the gifts I have been given and the support coming from out there, if I can’t save a dog, what good am I?

“If we cannot honor these helpless creatures who love, give, and forgive us without a thought for themselves, what good are we?” [September 2008]

I took the extra time to snuggle with my dogs this morning BECAUSE I CAN. I took the time to snuggle precisely because Francesca CANNOT. She has shown me what I take for granted.

Give your pet something extra today. And realize… it should not be wrong to stand up for what is right.

Please call and/or email the contacts below. Do it often and do it regularly. Ask them to correct this iniquity and return Brindi to her owner, Francesca Rogier.

Mayor – Pete Kelly,
Phone: 902-490-4010

Head of Legal – Mary Ellen Donovan
Phone: 902-490-4232

Chief Administrative Officer – Dan English

Superintendent – Bill Moore

Ciao, Holly