Saving Brindi: All roads lead to… nowhere?

By isak, March 31, 2010

All of nature has the ability to reason and the ability to negotiate. It’s innate in us. As natural as rain.

You need only look at the pecking order in a herd of wild horses to see this or the feeding rotation of birds around a birdfeeder.

Society sets rules to govern us, to guide us on acceptable behavior. They provide lines and structure.

If we paint outside those lines, we negotiate the consequences.

Your son breaks your neighbor’s window with an errant baseball. Does your neighbor seize your child? Confiscate his baseball? No, you negotiate with the neighbor to replace his window at your expense. You teach your child a new behavior: don’t play baseball so close to windows.

We negotiate the consequences.

A look through the Halifax Animal By-Law Violation report included by the city each month in the minutes on their website shows that violations are negotiated every month. Fines are routinely negotiated.

There is nothing unusual about Brindi’s incident.

She broke away from Francesca while getting muzzled. She ran to the edge of her property and scuffled with a dog being walked past the house. It was over in seconds. There were no visible wounds nor was the dog vetted for any injuries.

So why has the city of Halifax NOT negotiated this case in all the time that has passed since Brindi was seized in July 2008? The only words we seem to hear from their camp is the long passed cliched response: “We cannot comment because the case is before the court.”

Even the Criminal Code of Canada clearly states in section 718.2 (b) “a sentence should be similar to sentences imposed on similar offenders for similar offences committed in similar circumstances…”

It’s an indifference of sorts to not even attempt to negotiate.

Justice IS blind in Halifax. The same rules applied to other by-law violations are not being applied here.

Please call and/or email the Mayor of Halifax and the head of the city’s Legal Department. Ask them to correct this iniquity and return Brindi to her owner, Francesca Rogier.

It should not be wrong to stand up for what is right.

Mayor – Pete Kelly,

Head of Legal – Mary Ellen Donovan
Phone: 902-490-4232

Ciao, Holly

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