New Pet Pantry in Kansas City, MO

By isak, April 27, 2009

Pet food pantry offers help
Written by Kathy Crawford — kathycrawford [at] npgco [dot] com
Thursday, 16 April 2009

The economic crunch has forced many people to make tough choices as they cut the household budget — including decisions about family pets.

The Northland Animal Welfare Society (NAWS), Excelsior Springs Friends of Animals and KattyShack, a cat rescue organization in Smithville, have joined forces to start the Northland Pet Food Pantry to help families in financial trouble until they get back on their feet.

Peg McKee, founder of KattyShack, said she decided something needed to be done when calls kept coming in from people who cannot afford to keep their pets.

“They have to make a horrible decision,” McKee said. “I tapped my friends, and that’s how we got started.”

Goldie Arnold, NAWS president, said that local shelter and rescue groups are at full capacity. Home foreclosures and job losses have forced pet owners to surrender their pets so people can continue to pay for basic needs.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) warned in a recent newsletter that the financial crisis could grow into a serious animal welfare issue. Executive Vice President of ASPCA Programs Dr. Stephen Zawistowski said “an estimated 500,000 to one million cats and dogs are at risk of becoming homeless.”

The Northland Pet Food Pantry, which McKee said is the first of its kind in the Northland, will be under the umbrella of NAWS. It is a nonprofit organization, so any donations are tax deductible.

Smithville volunteer Jennifer Fulton said that donations of money and food are being accepted at area drop-off sites. The pantry accepts dog, cat, bird and any other type of pet food.

“We are simply here to help people who have fallen on hard financial times to be able to feed their beloved pets,” Fulton said.

Distribution is planned to begin the first weekend in May. Fulton said they are suggesting that those in need of food contact the pantry first so they can determine how much food is needed.

If a family is in desperate need of food before the beginning of May, people can call the pantry. Fulton said the pantry has a limited emergency stock.

For more information about donations or assistance, visit, call 820-5829 or e-mail nawshelpspets[at]yahoo[dot]com.


  • Animal Attic, 6010 N.E. Antioch, Kansas City
  • Animal House Groomer, 409 E. U.S. Highway 69, Claycomo
  • Animals in Need Thrift Store, 2520 N.W. Vivion Road, Riverside
  • Blakeley’s Dog Grooming, 6701 N.E. 48th St., Kansas City
  • Claycomo Animal Hospital, 5608 Eugene Field Road, Kansas City
  • Foxwood Animal Clinic, 4704 N.E. Vivion Road, Kansas City
  • In-As-Much Ministries, 11202 N.E. Missouri Highway 33, Liberty
  • Jackson Animal Clinic, 14205 Missouri Highway 92, Platte City
  • Patriots Bank, 4438 N.W. Gateway, Riverside
  • Platte Woods Animal Clinic, 5901 N.W. 72nd St., Kansas City
  • Reece and Nichols, 9601 N.E. Barry Road, Kansas City
  • Reece and Nichols, 230 N.W. Barry Road, Kansas City
  • Reece and Nichols, 6300 N. Lucerne Ave., Kansas City
  • The Dog’s Spot Training School, 7620 N. Oak Trafficway, Kansas City
  • Vintage Plaza Veterinary Hospital, 2360 Vintage Court, Excelsior Springs


  • Animals in Need Thrift Store, cat food available now
  • In-As-Much Ministries, beginning Friday, May 1

reprinted from Liberty Tribune website


  1. Veronica Sue Anderson says:

    In need of dog food

    • isak says:

      Please check with your local human food banks & pantries as well as local rescue groups. They will better know what is available in your area.

  2. Amanda Williams says:

    Hello. My name is ___Amanda________ and my family is currently experiencing some financial difficulties. We are doing everything we can to rectify the situation, but we are having trouble keeping our beloved family pet well-fed.

    We were hoping that your organization may provide some type of assistance to families in situations like ours, or that you may be able to let us know about other local organizations that do.

    We love our pet dearly and regret that we need to ask for help. We’d thoroughly appreciate any assistance you can provide.

    Thank you for your time,

    Amanda Williams

    • isak says:

      Hey Amanda. You didn’t mention what kind of pet you have. It’s been hard to keep up with all the changes in pet food banks this year, but if you google pet food banks in your area, you will find more than maybe we show. Click here to see the results of the search we just did in the Kansas City area. Some have very limited hours but most include phone numbers that you can call to see what they have. Hopefully that will help. Also check local churches that have food banks. Many food banks for people include pet food these days as so many people have pets.

  3. D.j. says:

    Hello, me I have three dogs in need of flea and tick treatment. They are each owned by separate oweners but we aren’t the richest, and all the ones I personally have bought at Dollar stores and the cheaper options at Wal Mart have never done me any good. If you could get in touch with me that would be great. Thanks.i do not check my email often, but I will keep an eye on it for you guys. Maybe include somewhere to leave a phone number that won’t be seen publicly. Thank you.

  4. Venessa says:

    For the Northland pet pantry do you have to be approved or just go up there and get food?

  5. mary green says:

    hello my name is Mary green
    I am asking about free dog food how can I get approved

  6. Carla Matthews says:

    There is no pet food pantries in my area I live near 43rd and Cleveland in kcmo 64130!

    • isak says:

      Are you looking for pet food? Many food banks for people now carry pet food as so many people have pets. Check with them.

  7. becky henderson says:

    I need emergency help with food for my dogs…recently moved here and we are waiting for house to get funds. have ran put due to move and delay on house being ready,..please i need help asap..

  8. debbie xhard says:

    Im looking for some help feeding my dog and 3 cats can you tel me where i can get food for the ,independence, mo.
    I appriciate any hep.

  9. Synthia says:

    Hello I live in Lees Summit and like everybody else going through some tough times. I would like information on how I could get help with dog food. I have two dogs. My daughter would be very upset if I had to give her pets to someone or someplace else. Could you please send me information!

  10. Marilyn Matthews says:

    Looking for pet transport from Riverside CA to Kansas City.

    One dog/Cairn Terrier Pug mix/male/ 2 years old/neutered/up to date shots/rabies/negative on heartworms/weights 12 pounds/ calm & gentle

    Rescued from high kill shelter in Orange, CA. Currently in Foster care in Riverside CA. Need transport to Kansas City

    Contact: Marilyn Matthews 785 448-5463

  11. Louise says:

    Thank you so much for this information!
    Adopting a new puppy or dog can be a fun and special time.
    Make sure when you go to pick up an adopted new dog that you transport the new pal in a crate. The dog can be scared and a ride in the car can be terrifying. I went to adopt a 6 month old lab/border collie pup, had the dog in the back of the car tied with a leash. The dog somehow got into the front- smelled cows, got scared and aggressive and I got bit numerous times. What a mess. I was able to control the car and pull over to the side of the road. The bites were on my arms it could have been a lot worse.
    It something you don’t think could ever happen. Dogs need to be in crates in cars

    • isak says:

      Wow, that’s a first for me. If it wasn’t so scary, it would almost be humorous… like something from a Chevy Chase movie. Glad you are okay and I hope you kept the dog.

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