Postcards from Faith

By isak, August 8, 2011


On Thursday, Faith took a flight from Ontario to Calgary. She overnighted there and the next day, she made the rest of her journey by truck to BC.

We received these photos of Faith as she arrived in BC on Friday afternoon. She loves road trips and loved the BC countryside.

In what has become Faith’s trademark character, she greeted her adoptive mom with loads of kisses. Faith has a huge reputation for LOVING people.

But she didn’t fit in so well with the other dogs that were there. There was friction. So phone calls were made and a new plan was set into motion for Faith.

Friday afternoon, Faith returned to Calgary. Good thing she likes road trips, eh?

Under the rescue of the DAISY Foundation in Calgary, Faith is being fostered by an incredible couple. They understand Pit Bulls and have a great passion for dogs. Faith’s angels still have their eyes on her!

She will get spayed, receive training and a new search will begin for her forever home. Because she is so special, it needs to be the perfect match.

You can follow her story on the DAISY Foundation website.

Best to you on your journey, Faith. We know you are in good hands!

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