Who Rules? Cats or Dogs

By isak, June 16, 2009

Frankie & IkeHaving several cats and dogs, I often ponder the question of who rules — cats or dogs. My response used to change from day-to-day depending on what tricks each species had pulled so far that day, but over time, cats seem to winning out. This from someone who grew up around dogs. My first cat did not come into my life until I was almost forty… and he only came into my life because I found him as a newborn on my driveway early one morning. He was so newborn, he still had his umbilical cord.

Perhaps the reason I say cats rule is because the messes they make are smaller in size. For example, you can generally clean up an errant cat poop with a single paper towel. But if you have large dogs like I have, it takes a few paper towels. In defense of the dogs, however, I will have to say that cat poop smells a million times worst than dog poop. I mean, how can something that smells as horrid as that come from inside such a small creature.

But the dogs will trump this small vote in their favor by eating the cat poop before I can get a paper towel.

This morning, I read an article from K9 Magazine entitled, “Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?” I thought I would review with you the 10 points in the article:

1. Dogs will make you healthier!
They eat better than me and I don’t eat until after they are fed. It’s called “the path of least resistance” or “the path to happiness.” It’s just easier… not healthier.

Sunning in the yard2. Dog owners have fewer minor ailments and serious medical problems.
I was pulling my arthritic dog up the ramp from the yard a couple weeks ago after it rained and slipped. I landed so hard on my butt that my teeth rattled. Kind of like those falls you had as a child when you were learning to skate. Remember those?

3. Having a pet can help children develop better social skills.
I don’t have kids. But if I did, they could help me pick up poop and feed the dogs. Maybe I could trade some dogs in for some kids? (It’s a joke.)

4. Dogs aid children cope with stress.
true for kids, but see #3 — I don’t have kids. Being unemployed and having several dogs to feed, I am feeling the stress.

5. No more sneezing.
but I have a lot more dirt in the house.

6. Stroking a cat or dog can bring down blood pressure.
It more likely to remind you that you need to bath and/or brush your pet again.

7. The British Medical Journal found that pets can often act as social catalysts.
I haven’t had a vacation in years because I don’t have any friends that love me enough to try to manage this pack for a week… even if they all take turns.

8. Pets can help recently widowed people deal with stress.
But it seems the author has digressed from the cat vs. dog argument.

9. Whilst it may seem obvious, owning a dog is a sure fire way to make sure you get some regular exercise.
No kidding.
There is always another mess to clean up.

10. Dogs make us laugh.
They do. If you can’t laugh at all the crazy stuff they do, you’ll never survive.

To summarize my stand:
Bullshit — 4 votes and THE WINNER!
Maybe (with conditions) — 3 votes
A blur of cats and dogs — 1 vote
No kidding (borderline “Bullshit”) — 1 vote
YES! — 1 vote

As a dog lover, I have to say I think the cats won this one.

What do you think?

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