Saving Brindi. Where do you start?

By isak, March 30, 2010

WHAT IF city authorities arrived at your door one night with a warrant to SEIZE AND DESTROY your family pet… what would you do?

“From the minute they drove the big white truck away with Brindi sitting quietly in a locked metal cage, I began looking for help everywhere and anywhere – that is, after I finished screaming long and hard, enough to damage my vocal chords… For me, the excruciating pain of separation is compounded by horror and disbelief that in a case where no serious harm was inflicted, the city will actually kill a dog rather than punish me, her human owner and the responsible party.” [August 2008]

WHAT IF the same by-law that brought them to your door — a by-law designed to safeguard the city — offered you no option for challenging this warrant… what would you do?

“For the last ten days, I have been phoning, emailing, and visiting people, soliciting letters of support, and basically going crazy…. As a single woman, public safety is certainly important to me. I do not want people to worry about walking by my house. I have offered to install a fence right away, and work with a special trainer to correct her behavior. I will pay whatever fines and boarding costs are imposed. Animal Services has not responded to my offer, and the city’s lawyer declined my lawyer’s proposal to send Brindi to stay at an out of town facility until her behavior can be improved. Instead, Halifax appears determined to kill my dog.” [August 2008]

Between January 2007 and March 2010, THIRTY-ONE dogs were seized and destroyed IN HALIFAX by the letter of these very by-laws.

In 2008, one woman dared to stand up to the city and fight to save her dog.

It’s now the end of March, 2010, and she is STILL fighting.

Please call and/or email the Mayor of Halifax and the head of the city’s Legal Department. Ask them to correct this iniquity and return Brindi to her owner, Francesca Rogier.

It should not be wrong to stand up for what is right.

Mayor Pete Kelly –,

Head of Legal – Mary Ellen Donovan>
Phone: 902-490-4232

Ciao, Holly

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