Treat or Poison to Cats

By isak, January 22, 2016

This Treat vs Poison infographic shows you which common snacks may be harming your cat, and highlights a few healthy options you may not have considered before.

Cat treat or poison?

Source: Vet Medic


  1. Delores Beall says:

    Did you not know what you were doing poor baby.PLEASE Be Xtra careful

  2. bravo says:

    Last night I gave my cats zimecterin for tape worms and ear mites that wont go away. just a drop on my finger. today they are almost totally blind. is there anything i can do? I have read where ivermectin toxicity is non-reversible, please tell me different.

    • isak says:

      Did you give it orally or topically? I wish I could tell you something for sure. But much will depend on the severity of your cats’ reaction, along with their initial overall health. Some improve, but it is a slow process. If exposure has occurred within the past four to six hours, you can induce vomiting and/or administer activated charcoal for the purposes of minimizing absorption. Be on the lookout for signs of secondary complications.

      Some or all of the following measures may also be recommended by your veterinarian:
      • Intravenous fluid therapy
      • Keeping electrolytes in balance
      • Intravenous nutritional support
      • Turn the cat over frequently
      • Appropriate bedding
      • Physical therapy
      • Ocular lubricants
      • Ventilator in case of respiratory distress
      • Heat support if body temperature is low
      • Fans if body temperature is high
      • If your cat can not stand up, urinary catheters may be needed
      • Medication for seizures if appropriate

      Here’s a bit more about it.

      You should have your vet take a look at them as soon as possible. They can provide eye drops and the iv fluid therapy, if necessary. Good luck and I am so sorry.

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