By isak, February 6, 2009

I think I mentioned that I have joined the ranks of the millions of unemployed Americans. One of my biggest expenses is pet food. I go through about 1,000 pounds of dog food and about 40 pounds of cat food a month. That’s the dry food. There’s also those rolls of dog food, canned dog food and canned cat food. These last items are sprinkled on top of the dry food to spruce it up.

Anyway, I am developing a new website called WillWorkForDogFood.org to hawk my wares and hopefully solicit some business and maybe even some donations towards the pet food bill and vet expenses. It’s an .org website because I am not looking to make more than I need. But should I get so lucky as to get more than I need, I know other people out here in the country who could also use help with their pet food and vet expenses.

The website is still being developed, but keep checking on it in the coming days/weeks and see if there is anything I can do for you or anything you want to buy. I am a graphic/web designer.

What do you think?

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