Bobbie: In Memoriam

By isak, April 2, 2007

BobbieA friend just called to let me know that Bobbie passed away over the weekend. He, Mattie and Timmy got out of the yard, and with his nose glued to the ground, Bobbie took off heading down the road out into a busy street. Whatever he smelled apparently took him back and forth across the road. He did not have street smarts about traffic. By the time one of the boys got to the street, a car came down the road and Bobbie got hit.

He was quickly loaded into the truck, but died before they reached the vet’s office. His third birthday was just two weeks ago.

Bobbie had a great family – a man and a woman and their two sons. They adopted him and one of his cousins, Mattie, when they were 6 months old. Bobbie and Mattie had horses and cats and a boat and a truck. Bobbie loved to ride in the truck because it meant going to new places with new smells and a ride in a boat.

Suddenly it seems like Bobbie just left here a couple weeks ago. And that cat racing through the house right now knocking things off the counter doesn’t seem so much a pain in the ass.

Maybe Bobbie will stop by and look in on us. Maybe his brother Paulie will find him and the two can be companions again… running and playing like silly young boys in the yard. The yard is bigger now… they might not recognize it, but I will recognize them.


  1. kamden phillips says:

    I am looking for a job and in have worked in no kill shelters in ca I wood like to help you all I am 18 and ia am a girl

    • isak says:

      Have you checked with your local rescue groups and animal shelters? Sounds like you might be a good fit with them.

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