Brindi is home!

By isak, July 9, 2010



Word is slowly making its way across the universe…. Brindi has been released and is finally home again! After 715 days.

Specifically, the message on Facebook reads like this:

I am THRILLED to report to you that in an unexpected development, I learned this morning that the judge’s assistant told HRM’s lawyer if they signed off on the fence, I could take Brindi home without having to appear in court!!

Done and done!!! She’s pooped out next to me on the bed right now, after a long hot afternoon. But she is getting right back into the swing of things, so fast, just so great!!

THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!! Please give me a bit of time to sort out photos and things and you’ll get all the details!




Just 19 days shy of two years ago, Brindi was seized by the city of Halifax in July 2008.

This is incredible news! Kudos to a well-deserved reunion. Our best wishes to them both for a very long and happy life together again!


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  1. CatWhispurrer says:

    How sad it is for me to have to report the twisted turn of events since this happy news about Brindi was posted here on this blog.

    Over the past 5 years (since 2008) and just a few months after Brindi’s “release” to Francesca in Jul 2010, the people from HRM animal services illegally seized Brindi yet AGAIN on trumped up charges. They also wilfully defied the Supreme Court order in Francesca’s favour to evaluate Brindi and find a suitable foster home, while ignoring FOUR independent very positive third parties assessments by experts.

    Instead they locked Brindi up in Wyndenfog Kennels, an unlicensed, short term facility in sub standard conditions, where she remains to this day in solitary confinement, on DEATH row, wrongfully convicted again without due process! They have also denied Francesca and even Brindi’s Veterinarian any visitation rights in the past 2 1/2 years, without any contact with other dogs. We are told that she is allowed outside for at least 1/2 hr/day (from her dingy cell) in quite a small grassy fenced in area, but what kind of life can that be?

    In fact, since NOBODY is allowed to visit Brindi, we only have the word of untrustworthy people that she is even ALIVE today. Does this sound just, or in any way NORMAL to you? We think it is immoral, a violation of Francesca’s human rights, cruel & unusual punishment for a dog who has never even bitten anyone in her lifetime, and constitutes animal ABUSE by the very people at HRM Animal Service who we pay to put a stop to that very thing!

    If you are as upset about this travesty of justice as we are, please email your objections to Mayor Mike Savage at while including a cc: of that email to Francesca at which could possibly help her defense in the court appeal.

    And overview of Brindi’s case from the beginning can be read at //

    On Tues & Wed, Oct 1 & 2nd, a now senior 9 yr old, Brindi’s fate will await the outcome of the final court appeal which is now taking place in provincial court in Halifax, as Francesca tries valiantly once again to save her life! After this horrific, five year long ORDEAL, Francesca is seeking some kind of humanity from a corrupt HRM and finally some JUSTICE for her beloved dog.

    We hope there are people reading this who will tell everyone they know about this case, and especially those living in or nearby HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA to support Francesca at the court house, on Oct 1st and 2nd, while sending her your prayers and support.