Faith has a new home!

By isak, July 28, 2010


Faith has found a new home! The Brantford SPCA has accepted an application from someone they “feel very comfortable about.” It is outside the Ontario province.

Congratulations — to Kalena for rescuing Faith, and to Faith on finding a safe and wonderful home where she can just be a dog and not a Pit Bull in a BSL-legislated province.

It’s great that in saving Kalena’s life, Faith saved her own life.

The story of Faith’s heroism is heartwarming and inspiring in a time when there seem to be no heroes and few examples of selfless good deeds. It restores my “faith” in values that seem almost dormant.

It is also inspiring to read and hear of all the people moved to action by this story.

What is missing are the stories behind EVERY animal in our SPCAs. They all have one. And they all deserve to have people line up to adopt them, too. Why is it important that we adopt the dog who risked her life to save a stranger? How about the dog simply given up because the family is having a baby? Or the cat that is being replaced by a kitten? Or the stray that has never known a real home and real love?

They all have stories, but we have no way of knowing them. And does it really matter after a while? We should accept them for who they are and the love they bring to us.

For all of you who were moved to the point of wanting to adopt Faith or who even began to consider adopting her, please keep the momentum going by adopting another animal that is in need. Statistics show that on average if 3% of a city’s population would adopt from their shelters, there would be no need for healthy animals to die. In larger cities, this number actually goes down. Another fraction of a per cent would save the cats and dogs in rescue.

You can be part of the 3% solution.. and in the process, add a wonderful companion to your household.

As a small sidenote: I heard that some people made terribly inappropriate comments towards Brantford and the SPCA; threats even. All I have about this is hearsay, but if there is any truth to it at all, I seriously have to ask you WHAT about this story would motivate you to be so out-of-line? Feel free to explain it to me via comment or email because I simply do not get it.

The goal was to find a home for a dog who would not find one in Brantford, or Ontario, because of her looks. While this legislation is steeped in what I think is ignorance of the proven facts, this is not an issue that the SPCA has any control over. The folks at the Brantford SPCA were rooting for Faith as hard as any of the rest of us. Their advantage was that they were rooting for her based on actually KNOWING her day in and day out whereas our knowledge was based on a few hours in her life one night.

It is one thing to challenge such prejudicial legislation as Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) or the Dog Owners’ Liability Act (DOLA), but it is quite another to make threatening statements. I am ashamed and embarassed that the search for a new home for Faith would include such antics. What were you thinking???

To end this journey on a happy note, my best wishes to Faith as she starts her new life as a FREE dog! Hey Faith, drop us a photo sometime and let us know how you are doing.

To everyone else, don’t let the momentum you felt for Faith just fizzle out. Save a life… today. Opt to adopt!

What do you think?

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