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By isak, July 30, 2010


Adonis, from Shelter Dogs by Traer Scott

“Over the past 15,000 years, we have succeeded in domesticating and thoroughly dominating a species that now is completely dependent upon us to survive. The gray wolf, which the dog was once domesticated from, hunts for it’s food, breeds autonomously, possesses natural immunities to disease and lives a life completely free of and in fact, antithetical to, human existence. Dogs on the other hand, have been bred for millenia to serve humans: as companions, workers and protectors. They are utterly subservient to our treatment and rely entirely on us for food, shelter, affection, amusement and good health.

“All they really require is the most minimal of care and compassion and we continue to fail them.

“We allow them to breed rampantly and then kill 4 million every year in shelters because there isn’t enough space; we make them into designer breeds like Labradoodles and Cockapoos because it’s a charming mix while 30% of the homeless dogs in shelters are pure breds; we abuse them, neglect them and even fight them until the death.

“Don’t we owe these ancient companions more respect? We show more reverence and good will to the very least and most despicable of our own species while constantly using and abusing the faithful creatures that have been at our side for centuries.” — Traer Scott, Photographer

Adopt from a rescue or shelter and let’s end pet homelessness.

Otherwise, here are some of the faces you will miss.

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I was quite moved after I stumbled over these photos and Traer Scott’s words. Enough that I want to share them with you. More and more people from all walks of life are coming forward to lend their time and their talents to saving our homeless pets. By bringing their faces to you, perhaps you will better realize that the millions we kill in shelters every year — that’s about one animal every 8 seconds — are living, breathing, loving animals who did nothing wrong other than having the misfortune of ending up in our shelters. It’s really time to re-evaluate our thinking. It’s time to take killing off the table.

It’s time to honor our loyal companions as they have always honored us.

You can read the full post of “Death on Our Shoes” from Traer Scott on her blog.

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