Looking for a miracle. Dogs’ owner passed away suddenly.

By isak, December 27, 2011

UPDATE: I received word today that HALF a miracle has happened: Sam, the Chesapeake Retriever, has been placed in a new home. However not Gracie. It’s sad that they could not go to a home together, but we must all do the best we can with what we have — people and animals alike. If only their owner had not passed away… a tragedy for all involved. But we can’t look back else we will miss an opportunity that is in front of us.

We continue to look for a home for Gracie — the lighter colored dog, the Yellow Lab, in the photo below. Please share her story.

I received this email today and want to share it with you and ask you to share it, too. Even if you just share a link to this message. Let’s find these babies a new home.
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Good afternoon and Happy Holidays from American Dog Rescue!

We are writing to see if you can help spread the word for these two precious dogs who so badly need our help. Gracie is a 10-year-old Yellow Lab and Sam is a 6-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. They are docile, well behaved, housebroken and good with other animals.

These two were living happily with their owner and his daughter until one month ago, when they lost the only master they’ve ever known very suddenly to a heart attack.

The owner’s daughter is a minor and must move overseas with her grandparents very soon, making finding a home for these two an urgent priority. They are in the Dallas, Texas area. However, transportation could be arranged if we find a perfect fit to adopt them.

We need a miracle. Can you join us and post on your blog and social media pages, private networks or email lists? You can feel free to direct people with interest to //Facebook.com/AmericanDogRescue or my email address or phone number if they have any further questions.

We badly wanted to create a Christmas Miracle for Sam and Gracie, but we’re not giving up! Thank you for helping us – sometimes it takes a village!

Yours Truly,

Monaica Ledell
Social Media Manager
American Dog Rescue
“A Home For Every Healthy Dog”
(316) 207-3581

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Please SHARE their story. There is a place for them to live together. We just have to help them find it.


  1. stella says:

    Please publish an update on Gracie the golden lab’s situation! Has she found a home? And please, put dates on the updates!

  2. Genie Donahue says:

    It is not May 29th, 2012. I can only hope that by this time, Gracie has also found a safe and loving home. If she is still not adopted, I have an interesting proposition. I would like to tell a close friend about Gracie. Denise suddenly lost her chocolate lab just over a week ago. She is a 40 something single and very loving dog Mom. Her lab meant everything to her. Please let me know by return E-Mail if Gracie still needs a home. We are in Scottsdale, Arizona. I also have a wonderful Lab.

  3. Linda says:

    Did you find a home for Gracie??

    • isak says:

      Thanks for reminding me… I know there were a couple people interested, but I need to follow up and see how things worked out. I’ll write to the rescuers and see. Truly a sad story for the dogs and the child.

  4. Robyn D says:

    Your posting on antibiotic was a life saver for our rescue dog!!!!! Thank you so much.

  5. Renate says:

    On behalf of my company, Loving My Pets.Com, we will help you spread the word.

  6. Molly says:

    This situation is particularly sad. I feel bad for the dogs AND the daughter. 🙁
    Too bad the girl wasn’t going to England. They allow healthy animals to move overseas with a vets documentation of health.

    • isak says:

      It truly is a very sad story. I don’t know how old the daughter is, but these were her dogs, too. So she loses a parent — and apparently must have only had one, her dogs, her home and even her country. The dogs lose the only family they knew and each other. There is a lot going on for everyone involved. I am heartened to see a rescue group step up to help and to know that people are sharing the story because I know there is a place for Gracie, too. I so wished she would have been able to be with Sam.

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