Update: What a difference!

By isak, December 27, 2011

What a difference groceries and a month makes! This baby is looking good!

You may remember that my neighbors found this horse on the side of the road in early November looking quite literally like a bag of bones.

The animal communicator was consulted for one more conversation. We wanted to know where she wanted to live and what she would like to be called. Here is her response:

Daisy Sunshine Strider

any grass is appreciated, but dirt lot is okay – she is not a beggar this horse

just if you put her on grass use a muzzle – she can founder easily from shock

she just cannot express her gratitude for you all taking her in – says she walked a country mile to get here

she would love to go to the other place with trees, but can she come back here to live after she heals?

So I am blessed. I get to watch Daisy Sunshine Strider get healthier and stronger every day. She stops and looks at me some days rather intently. Not sure what she is saying yet. Maybe she remembers our walk home along that country mile. Maybe it is a “thank you.”


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  1. Horses are so intelligent, I am sure she understands what a special role you played in her life

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