Keeping Faith

By isak, July 26, 2011

If you were in a life-or-death situation and someone came to your rescue, would you turn them away because of how they looked? Or would you be grateful for the kindness of a stranger to risk their life to save yours? And what if you could help them in return? Maybe your lives were meant to collide.

Saturday, July 23 at around 11pm, I was crossing the street on my way home from Tim Horton’s. I have a rare heart condition which branches off other medical issues. I was three houses away from my home when, according to bystanders who watched in amazement (but never helped me), I passed out on the road. This street is very busy.

Bystanders say a dog appeared almost out of nowhere and stood over me barking at cars as they honked their horns and drove around this dog.

My husband, wondering what the commotion outside was all about, came outside to see a Pit Bull cross standing over me risking her own life to save me. He lifted me into the house giving me my medication and I was fine. The pup followed. She stayed by my side for 3 hours getting alone fine with my other two dogs and when she went to walk past my 7 pound cat, he swapped at her. She ran in the corner with her tail between her legs. The dog was horrified of my cat.

Due to the Breed Specific Legislation that Ontario ridiculously clings to, this 10-month old heroine is not allowed in the town, much less the province… even though she is essentially a mutt, a Pit Bull mix. I wonder why she is not called a Lab mixed with Pit Bull. Seems as legitimate a claim as labeling her a “Pit Bull mix.”

But she is also a whole lot more. Faith, as Kalena started calling her, is little more than a puppy yet had the wherewithal to recognize that Kalena was in distress and needed help. Bystanders saw her fall, yet they did not leave the sidewalk. However, this dog not only left the sidewalk, but stood over her barking at the cars coming down the street!

Facing a minimum $5000 fine and a minimum of 30 days in jail because Pit Bull cross’s are illegal in Brantford and Ontario unless they were born before 2007, my husband called the emergency line to the SPCA who told him they don’t deal with strays at night; to call the police.

I wanted to keep her so bad as she cuddled with me on our couch. I named her Faith.

A really nice Brantford police officer came out. At first, he was leery of her but then she jumped up on him and licked his face. He was so gentle with her and talking to her as he put her in the car. I cried as he left with my Hero who saved my life and risked her own.

I believe the powers that be can create an exception to the rule regarding BSL and I believe this dog has shown that she deserves to be that exception.

I ask everyone reading this to email the Brantford SPCA and the Mayor of Brantford and ask them to pardon Faith. And let her go home to Kalena and her family. I also ask everyone to please share this story with all your friends and family and ask them to email the Brantford SPCA and the Mayor.

Brant County SPCA

539 Mohawk Street

P.O. Box 163

Brantford, ON

N3T 5M8

Telephone: 519.756.6620

Fax: 519. 756.6910

Email Robin Kuchma,

Branch Manager

Brantford Mayor

Mayor Chris Friel

100 Wellington Square,

P.O. Box 818,

Brantford, ON

N3T 5R7

Telephone: 519 759-4150

Fax: 519 751-7109

Email Mayor Chris Friel

Local Media – ask them to write a story about Faith

The Expositor Brant News


I am doing everything I can because I want my baby back. She saved my life and is my Hero. It was Love at First Sight. If not for her, the cars would have not seen me at night and I would not be typing this (in tears). The SPCA changed her name to Casidy and she is only allowed to be adopted out of Ontario. If not she will be….. I can’t even type it.

All I know is Faith, as I still call her, is a Hero and to her I owe my life. I am trying to get the Brantford government to make a exception for her because she saved my life. If anyone you know lives outside Ontario and can temporarily take her until I have gone through all this red tape, please contact me through here or at our new email:

PLEASE HELP ME SAVE FAITH! I will pay any cost involved with traveling and getting her out of the SPCA, as well as her expenses for food, etc. I just need about a month. PLEASE HELP US!

Together, we can save this dog. And together, perhaps we can get her placed with the woman whose life she saved. Please step up and be a voice for Faith.

Ciao, Holly

ps… the photo at the top of the page is NOT Faith. I have requested one from the SPCA but have not received it yet.

And let me close with at least 12 reasons to oppose BSL or BDL (Breed-Discrimination Legislation).

What do you think?

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