When rescue turns to search for Faith…

By isak, July 27, 2011

We received this message from Kalena’s husband this morning and so we turn our energies from rescuing Faith back into the family she saved to finding her a home outside the utterly unfathomable idiocy of Ontario’s BSL. Perhaps by saving this woman’s life, Faith was actually saving her own. Having even the appearance of what people identify as being Pit Bull could be the eventual scarlet letter of death for her in Ontario.

Here’s the message we received from Kalena’s husband:

“I am the husband who found my wife outside with Faith the dog standing over her. It was truly an amazing sight. Now this dog needs your help. Brant SPCA has renamed her Casidy. She needs a home outside of Ontario. Kalena and I would like to thank the 100s of emails we have received. But Kalena and I agree it’s not about us, it’s about saving this wonderful dog, Faith.”

We are now seeking foster care and a forever home for Faith (aka Casidy at the shelter). She has done her part to show what an incredible character she has; to show her true moral fiber; and to show the values we used to admire in Pit Bulls from years past.

Remember that bystanders just stood and watched whereas this young dog risked her life for a stranger she had never met!

Please, if you have room in your home and your heart for this baby or if you are interested in fostering (outside Ontario), contact the Brantford SPCA in Brantford, Ontario:

539 Mohawk Street
P.O. Box 163
Brantford, ON
N3T 5M8

Telephone: 519.756.6620


Robin Kuchma, Branch Manager

Adoption Inquiries

Adoption info & applications

Transportation from Ontario to Calgary and points along that route may be possible in a couple weeks via a kind soul’s offer.

Though we are not out of the woods yet, I would like to extend heartfelt kudos to Kalena and her family. Had she not said a word about this event, this canine heroine would likely have been quietly killed because of her parentage of which no one knows for sure, at least not that anyone will admit. Last I knew, the people she came from have not stepped up in her defense.

Please take the time to educate yourself about the true evil of BSL and do not ever assume your dog will be immune. Do an internet search for the results of studies from communities around the world that are repealing their BSL legislation because it has not worked, is costly and causes such needless emotional distress to families… among other tested reasons. Regardless of breed, the list seems to grow each year.

When I changed my homeowner’s insurance this year, I was asked if any of my dogs were on their list of troublesome breeds. It was a lengthy and surprising list.

Take a look at your dog and imagine what it would feel like if suddenly you were required to surrender him/her to be killed. Then support anti-BSL in your province and beyond.

Ciao, Holly

ps… the photo on this page is NOT Faith. I have requested one from the SPCA but have not received it yet.

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