Can you love some more?

By isak, August 24, 2010

With the millions of cats and dogs killed each year across the world, the question is “can you love some more?” Can you open your heart and your home to adopt another cat or dog?

More than sharing their stories and their photos, THEY NEED HOMES.

Will you step up?

Think how the numbers would change if everyone who says they are an animal lover adopted a cat or dog from a rescue or a shelter.

Think of the impact and the lives saved.

Please… think about it, then step up and love some more.

If you compare the number of animals killed in a community shelter to the city’s population of people, it requires only a small percentage of people to empty a shelter of it’s healthy, adoptable animals.

For example: say you live in a city where there are 285,000 people. And say the average family consists of four people. 285,000 divided by 4 = 71,250 families.

Say your local shelter kills 2500 animals in a year. 2500 animals divided by 71,250 families = .035. That number represents the percentage of households needed to save all the shelter animals euthanized in a year in our sample community. — 3.5% of the community’s households.

This sample was generated from the actual numbers for 2009 from an actual Canadian city.

Add another percentage and I bet the area rescues will be empty, too.

When you look at it that way, you can begin to get your head around how needless the killing really is.


  1. ALICIA says:

    Please make it affordable for every day people for pet food, dental care, pet medication and travel expenses for single people needing emotional support.

  2. ALICIA says:

    Please make it affordable like mandatory discount or subsidy for pet dental and pet medication for every day people

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