Can you love some more?

August 24, 2010

Think what the impact would be if all the animal lovers adopted a cat or dog from a rescue or a shelter. It would be a revolution. It would be a blessing. And it is a possibility.

Times, they have to change.

April 24, 2010

Pet overpopulation is a myth. A word that justifies killing. Demographics show that more people will be looking for pets this year than shelters kill. Please adopt a rescue or shelter pet. If you aren’t ready to adopt, consider fostering a cat or dog.

The 100th Monkey Phenomenon

April 22, 2009

If we bring to the world through our lives what we learn about compassion, treating animals better, treating people better, creating a no kill community then it ripples outward. What’s the base of a community without killing ? It may be one more act. Tell one more person of the change you’d like to see. Tell one more person of your vision of the future. If opportunity presents, save one more animal, feed one more stray.