Times, they have to change.

By isak, April 24, 2010


For the past few days, I have been watching a rescue effort via Facebook of a pit/mix in a Tennessee shelter. Her name is Sasha. She and her four puppies were brought to the shelter in March. Her puppies were adopted, but she remained sheltered.

One faithful trooper kept posting her info on Facebook. He started posting her in March when she arrived at the shelter. Recently a new campaign was started for Sasha and this time, it crossed the right paths at the right time and a fire was ignited. The rescue effort took many twists and turns and often felt like a roller coaster ride. My own fingernails grew weary from hanging by them as I watched.

One note yesterday said, “I will call [rescuer] again after 12:30…” The reply that came back said, “Won’t the dog be PTS at noon?” It was time stamped 11:55 am.

Several quick notes later came word that she has been put on “hold” from being killed and would be pulled out of the shelter on Saturday, heading to a rescue. A bit ago came a message that someone was on their way to pull Sasha today! Forgive me, but I continue to hold my breath and cross my fingers until I see photos of her “on the outside.”

While my heart relishes the victory of this save, my mind goes to the dog that took Sasha’s place yesterday on the death list. We did not see a photo of him or her. Or did we, but we did not respond? That dog was just as undeserving of death as Sasha.

Perusing the posts on my Facebook wall, I saw the news that Robeson County has changed their laws regarding the killing of animals in their shelter. They will not longer empty a needle full of barbituates into the chest cavity of an animal hoping to strike their heart and end their lives. The heart is difficult to find and if missed, the drugs cause great pain to the animal before they finally die. Instead, Robeson County will use a more humane method… intravenous euthanasia.

I am struck by the sad reality that we even discuss “humane killing.” What is humane about killing voiceless, innocent creatures?

Another post protested the use of gas chambers to kill cats and dogs. I should have not watched the video because certain images will be forever seared in my mind. They bring me to tears even now as I write this. The dogs already lifted into the metal gassing box are wagging their tails completely trusting the people who have placed them there. And their trust was violated; they were betrayed.

We have to stop the killing!

While we make statements about how spay/neuter will reduce the many cats and dogs brought to shelters, that idea is for the future, the next generation of animals. Spay/neuter does not address the pets in urgent need at this very moment. And sadly, “at this very moment” applies whether you read this post as soon as I publish it or if you read it tomorrow… or even next week. There is a huge need to adopt right now.

The Three Brothers are available for adoption. Contact v.larkhill@googlemail.com.

If you have a cat or dog, consider adopting a companion for them. Dogs are pack animals and operate very well within a group. Cats love company, too. In my household, the cats all pair up and are always found napping with their “best friend.”

If you already have two, consider a third… or maybe even a fourth one, too.

Please adopt a rescue or shelter pet.

If you aren’t ready to adopt, consider fostering a cat or dog. Call your local rescue groups and shelters. There is always a need for foster homes.

Save a life today! And help us empty all the shelters and all the rescues.

Update: Sasha is safely out of the shelter.

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  1. Pets Adviser says:

    Glad to hear Sasha is out of the shelter! Thanks for the pets article.

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