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By isak, May 11, 2009

I have a dog that had a terrible case of demodectic mange. He had large bald patches on both sides of his body and his feet were red and inflamed. He itched terribly. I tried Ivermectin at first and it worked, but the suggested dosage is akin to giving your dog a heartworm pill every day. Probably pretty rough on his liver eventually.

Normally, in small doses, Ivermectin has little to no side effects. Ivermectin is commonly found in most heartworm preventative medications. However, the dosage necessary for treatment of mange (using 1% Ivomec, the dosage is 1/10 cc per 10 lbs. of dog weight) causes issues and possibly death, especially in certain breeds of dogs including Collies, Shetland sheepdogs, Australian shepherds, Old English sheepdogs and other herding breeds. Plus it tastes very bad so you need to mix it with something like apple juice, yogurt, cottage cheese.

Pets' Best RX Mange treatment... this is the package I bought.A few months later, Moto’s (short for Motor Mouth because he talks all the time and always has), it returned. I think part of the problem is that Ivermectin does not treat the bacterial infection that accompanies mange. From what I understand, you want to beat down the mange to the point that the dogs suppressed immune system can kick in and do it’s job. I searched the internet for a solution. And here’s what I found: Pets’ Best RX has created a great program for the treatment. It includes three parts — medicinal Pet Wash to clean debris from the coat and begin the healing process of the lesions on the skin. The Pet Wash will also begin relieving the itch. It even smells good. After he is dry, I spray him with Mitacin Spray which essentially asphyxiates the mites through a blend of surfactants and essential oils. It also eases the itching and irratation. Again, no unpleasant smell.

On day two, I rub on Sulfinex Cream. The main ingredient in the cream is MSM — also known as White Sulfur — which elimintaes mites on contact and relieves itching immediately. It absorbs quickly, does not smell bad and can be left on.

Day 1 and Day 2 are repeated. A week later, I shampoo him and start the process again. The instructions that came with the products said bad cases of mange could take 4-5 weeks to respond. But Moto responded within a week. I am continuing his treatments for couple weeks just to be sure we are finally out of the woods.

I know this sounds like a commercial and the Pets’ Best RX web page looks like one of those hokey, neverending scrolling web pages I tend to associate with junk, but this stuff really works.

They have a couple options: The Mitacin Spray and Sufinex Cream in a couple sizes ($40-70) or the Shampoo, Mitacin Spray and Sulfinex ($80). And larger versions of these packages. You might think the price is high, but compare it to the vet visit with skin scrapping, meds and lotions.

UPDATE: These products are available on a website called Bonanzle which allows you to negotiate a lower price with the seller. Just look for the letters OBO beneath the product name. Then click CONTACT SELLER and send them your offer. They have been pretty quick getting back to me. The prices shown on the site INCLUDE shipping.

They also offer a cat version.

This stuff worked very well for Moto Man. It also worked faster than the Ivermectin, so I am passing it along to you. Good luck and I hope you get the same results.

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from Joseph Marquardt
President, Q-Based Healthcare TM
The Makers of PetsBestRx TM Products

  • “Far too often veterinarians will quickly reach for the cortisone, for example, Prednisone as a way of combating the effects of the “Allergic Dermatitis.” The cortisone is not a cure; it simply lessens the itching and scratching and the dog or cat feels more comfortable.

    The danger here is that if the pet really has scabies mites and NOT an allergic dermatitis, the mites welcome the cortisone with open arms. The cortisone allows the sarcoptic mites to reproduce more rapidly and decreases the dog or cat’s ability to defend against the mites. The mites have a reproductive festival after cortisone products are administered.”

  • Sarcoptic & Demodectic Mange Symptoms
    Sarcoptic Mange is the less serious, yet more highly transmittable type of mange. Sarcoptic mange, aka “Scabies”, has zoonotic potential, meaning that you can get it from your pet! The disease in dogs is sometimes called ‘red fox mange’ or ‘wombat mange’.

    The mite’s motion while burrowing into and moving on top of the skin causes extreme itching followed by flaky or scabby dandruff and loss of hair. Sarcoptic mange is much easier to cure than Demodectic mange because the Sarcoptic mite does not burrow deep into the skin of your pet, therefore PetsBestRx TM mange treatment works quickly and effectively as a cure for sarcoptic mange in dogs and other animals.

    Demodectic Mange is commonly referred to as Red Mange, Demo Mange & Demodex Mange. Demodectic Mange is more serious due to its ability to spread quickly and because it is much harder to treat. It is difficult to treat successfully and the secondary bacterial infections, often staphylococcus, are very debilitating on the general health of the affected animal. This mite burrows into the skin of your pet deep within the oil glands, attacking the hair follicle which can result in major hair loss. It is unlikely to infect man.

  • Ivermectin is a broad spectrum anti-parasite medication generally used for food animals and horses.

    In dogs and cats, it is licensed for use as a heartworm preventive and as a topical ear mite therapy; the use of this medication to treat demodicosis is not approved by the FDA.

    When ivermectin was a new drug, it was hoped that it could be used against demodectic mange mites as at that time, only labor intensive dipping was available for treatment. Once it was discovered that daily doses are needed (most other parasites can be controlled with warming spaced several weeks apart) ivermectin was found to be highly effective, quickly becoming the treatment of choice.

    Ivermectin is inexpensive relative to Milbemycin and involves no labor intensive bathing. It DOES, however, taste terrible if given orally (it may be necessary for the owner to learn how to give ivermectin as an inject able treatment.).

    WARNING: Ivermectin suppresses your pet’s immune system, which will leave your pet susceptible as an opportunic host to infection. Generally, when Ivermectin is prescribed, propholactic antibiotics are prescribed in conjunction with the Ivermectin. It is not uncommon for your pet to have a relapse when taken off the Ivermectin.


  • Demodectic Pododermatitis Mange.
    This condition represents demodectic mange confined to the paws. Bacterial infections usually accompany this condition. Often as generalized demodicosis is treated, the foot is the last stronghold of the mite. Old English Sheepdogs and Shar-peis tend to get severe forms of this condition. The infection can be so deep that biopsy is needed to find the mites and make the diagnosis.

    It’s important to understand that when bacterial infection sets in, your pet requires immediate attention. The paws swell up, the skin is irritated, your pet is not walking well and inflammation sets in. PetsBestRxTM products are anti-microbials and their primary function is to heal the infection and offer immediate relief. Our products are commonly used in hospitals, medical facilities and by Veterinarians.

Another possible solution:
I recently read on the web where a woman successfully treated her dog’s mange with Neem Oil. One caution to this is the possible reaction your dog might have to Neem Oil. If you find redness where you have applied the oil, you can wash it off. Another thing to be aware of is that the outside of your dog now has oil on him/her which will be transferred to wherever the dog lays.

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