What can the Nova Scotia SPCA learn from Tiger Woods?

By isak, February 19, 2010

Off the top of my head, at least two things: own their mistakes and apologize. Unlike Tiger Woods, the Nova Scotia SPCA has been making forays in local newspapers and on their website sugar-coating certain issues they have made a blunder out of in an effort to restore credibility to their name in our community. But it comes across as “a little too much, a little too late.” It feels like a band-aid.

Watching Tiger make his statement this morning, I was reminded just what is missing from the SPCA. It’s time for them to own up to their mistakes, make right where they have failed so far, and apologize profusely for letting us down and so many of the animals that have depended upon them. It’s time for them to rebuild from the top down and bring honor to their organization.

Stand up to HRM and tell them the truth about Brindi. Mention that she sleeps under a staffer’s desk like she was the mascot for that facility because she is so sweet and gentle. Show everyone the “family photo” taken on her birthday that you sent to Francesca. Do right by this dog before it is too late! Be the voice she does not have and help her get home to her family! They have waited entirely too long!

Drop your ridiculous charge against Janice Bingley for the errant seizure of all her dogs. Yes, you seized 22 dogs under the guise of cruelty, then laid a single charge because a nursing mother was thin. This was a wrongful seizure and you need to own it. You need to do right by this family, too!

Do you have any idea the unnecessary pain you have inflicted upon both these women?

And where is the tire biting dog?

It’s time for you, NS SPCA, to stand up like Tiger Woods did today and start your journey anew on the right path. It is true, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King Jr. And you have been silent too long to the detriment of Francesca Rogier and Janice Bingley.


  1. MJ Politis, Ph.D., D.V.M. says:

    You are not alone in this. The Kamloops branch of the SPCA has become a group of self righteous, ignorant, Nazis who seize animals or threaten to do so to keep their jobs, maintain their egos, or (most likely, in a case I am involved with now) to get those animals to their friends after they are taken. This after the BC SPCAs screwed up on their responsibilities connected with what turned out to be mass and painful slaughter of 100 sled dogs in Whistler. Please let me know what I can do to help.
    MJ Politis, Ph.D., D.V.M.

  2. Milo Edelson says:

    It is truly disturbing to me that this situation has even gotten to this point. Has government in Halifax decided to invoke some kind of pissing contest in their quest to KILL a dog that is neither dangerous nor incorrigible — the latter of which should be proven before the idea of euthanasia would even enter the picture.

    Sounds like Ms. Rogier stepped on the toes of someone in government and they have gone way out of reasonable bounds to exact revenge.

    What a pathetic waste of a dog’s life this city has chosen as their revenge. Shame on HRM!!! Shame on the mayor!!!

    Free Brindi to Ms. Rogier… and pay her bills for this frivolous crap… certainly rings of an abuse of power on the part of the city.

    Surely Geoff Newton had to struggle to say with straight face that Brindi threatened the safety of the public. Has he ever spent any time with Brindi? From what truth does he speak?

    I genuinely hope the judge will see through the crap to the truth that lies buried at the heart of this case. This is no longer a case against a dog. It is a case where the city is trying to get revenge against an owner that beat them in Supreme Court.