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By isak, April 21, 2009

I don’t think enough can ever be said for Pet Food Banks and the location of them. A couple websites are trying to compile a nationwide list: Save Our Pets Food Banks and the HSUS

Pet Food Pantries Keeping Families Together in Georigia

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Pets are part of the family, there’s no doubt about that. For those out there having trouble feeding your dogs, don’t despair, there is help available. There are pet food pantries/soup kitchens across the country that are willing to lend a helping hand in these difficult times.

What are pet food pantries? They are places for pet owners to go where they can receive low or no cost food and supplies. The pantries owners will encourage or request recipients to donate time and/or skills to help out. It’s a win-win, owners are able to keep their beloved pets and give back to the community at the same time.

We have a local pantry, Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen, that was recently interviewed about what they do, and the difference their services can make.

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (MyFOX ATLANTA) – Many pet owners facing tough times have been forced to give up their beloved animals because they can’t afford to care for them. One Metro Atlanta non-profit group is offering a helping hand to those in need by giving away free pet food.

The tough economic times are taking a toll on man’s best friend. The rising gas and food prices coupled with the high rate of foreclosures in Georgia are having a direct affect on pets.

More people are looking for ways to cut corners and some have been forced to give up their beloved pets.

Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen is trying to help owners struggling to feed their cats and dogs by providing free pet food.

Donations of food and other pet supplies poured into a warehouse on Oakland Industrial Court in Lawrenceville Saturday afternoon.

Daffy’s, part of the SOS Club of Georgia, is spearheading the program.

“We normally would have to drive to [people’s homes] to try to meet them, assist them. Now, we can get people coming in off the street. We can help 10 times the people we’ve been helping before,” said Wargo.

Through their efforts, Wargo said he hoped fewer people would be forced to give up their pets to get by.

“Keep more pets home with their families where they belong,” Wargo said.

Daffy’s is in the process of expanding their operations, they are about to open a third kitchen, and are looking to start five more pantries in the metro area. Another local pet pantry is Meals “FUR” Pets, they even have a “Pet Meals on Wheels” program. It assists qualifying individuals with loving pets in need. Elderly individuals with pets, disabled shut-ins with pets who are not able to feed their furry family members. Over 25,000 pounds of pet food passed thru Meals “FUR” Pets organization in 2007.

The two pet food pantries I’ve mentioned are both located in Georgia, but you can find one near you too. Sometimes it take a bit of searching, until recently there have been no national pet food pantry resources, just individual sites. Now there are two groups that are working on changing that, Save Our Pets Food Banks and the HSUS are working on compiling a national list of pet food banks. If anyone has a food pantry or knows of one, both sites have a place to add the name to their lists.

These resources are there for a reason, no one should ever feel ashamed asking for help. At one time or another everyone needs help, the only shame is not asking.

I want to thank Dogster member Christy for barking to me about pet food pantries, suggesting I help get the word out to those who may not know about this option. Christy’s niece is associated with For The Love Of A Pet food pantry and boutique. It’s a great organization located on Cape Cod and is hoping to eventually expand throughout Massachusetts.


  1. Samanthalyn says:

    i live IN CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA…. in the mountain area. can anyone point me in the right directionto a pet food bank pleeeaaase.. im 99 percent sure my pit is pregnant n im on a fixed social security discount so my hands r tied..

    • isak says:

      Check local people food banks. They often stock pet food. Also contact your area rescue groups as they may have better suggestions because they are in your area. They may also be able to help with your dog’s pregnancy. In your situation, you do need to look at getting your companion spayed.

      6 Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs
      • Decreased Activity.
      • Changes in Appetite.
      • Unusual Behavior.
      • Enlarged or Discolored Nipples.
      • Weight Gain and Enlarged Abdomen.
      • Nesting Behaviors.

      Here’s a longer explanation of the sign.

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